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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

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 20th Dec 19 Accrington Stanley Jerome Opoku Signing  
 15th Nov 19 Stanley Ultras Flags Banners Displays  
 23rd Jul 19 Accrington Stanley Kit Promo  
 22nd Jul 19 Accrington Stanley Farleys Solicitors  
 13th Apr 19 ASFC Ground pics (Roof Seats Misc) 2003 - 2011  
 13th Apr 19 ASFC - Squad pics 2003-2018  
 29th Jun 15 ASFC first day training 2015 season  
 18th Sep 14 John Coleman Jimmy Bell ASFC Media day  
 7th Aug 14 2014 Accrington Stanley team Pic  
 7th Jul 14 ASFC 2014/15 First day Training  
 21st Dec 13 New MITRE first team kit  
 21st Dec 13 ASFC - James Beattie Manager  
 21st Dec 13 ASFC - James Beattie Player  
 2nd Jul 13 ASFC First Team Training 2013  
 14th May 13 James Beattie Accrington Stanley  
 15th Jan 13 ASFC Press Conference & Kit Launch  
 15th Feb 12 Paul Cook Press Conference  
 26th Jan 12 First Team Training (new managament)  
 5th Sep 11 ASFC TEAM PIC Sep 2011  
 29th Jun 11 First Day Training 2011  
 19th May 11 Stanley ultras Pre Playoff Flag making  
 4th Mar 11 4 New Signings  
 28th Jan 11 Coley at Referee meeting  
 3rd Dec 10 First team SNOW Training  
 9th Aug 10 ASFC TEAM PIC Aug 2010  
 26th Jul 10 A.S.F.C. Media Day  
 28th Jun 10 ASFC First day Training  
 4th Dec 09 FITC Presentations  
 28th Nov 09 Mascots Barnet  
 28th Oct 09 Stanley Fans Protest (Candles 2)  
 27th Oct 09 Stanley Fans Protest (Candles)  
 25th Oct 09 Stanley Ultras v ASFC Legends  
 24th Oct 09 SOS Walk to Rochdale  
 16th Oct 09 DARTS Night with Tony O'Shea  
 27th Sep 09 Stanley Ultras v Runcorn Linnets  
 3rd Aug 09 ASFC TEAM PIC 2009  
 8th Jul 09 Pre Season Bits  
 29th Jun 09 A.S.F.C. First day Training 09  
 2nd May 09 Stanley Fans at Bury  
 31st Mar 09 Coley takes one for the team (SoccerAM)  
 27th Feb 09 Accy Stanleys New Seats  
 9th Feb 09 Lunch at the Crown with ASFC  
 19th Dec 08 ASFC FITC Presentations  
 21st Sep 08 Stanley Ultras Team pic 2008  
 1st Sep 08 ASFC TEAM PIC 2008  
 5th Aug 08 SoccerAM Crossbar Challenge  
 5th Aug 08 SoccerAM Skill Skool  
 30th Jun 08 2008 First Day Training  
 4th Jun 08 Stanley Ultras v Blackburn Rovers Fans  
 4th Apr 08 Adam Cottier - Gone at Last :)  
 16th Mar 08 Accy to Rochdale Charity Trek *  
 10th Feb 08 Stanley Ultras v Blackburn Rovers Fans  
 25th Jan 08 Managers Questions *  
 19th Jan 08 OSC Exhibition Launch *  
 11th Dec 07 FITC Presentations  
 17th Nov 07 No-Limits *  
 24th Oct 07 Stanley Are back Exhibition  
 18th Sep 07 Clayton End Roof *  
 6th Sep 07 Ground Pics 2007 *  
 31st Aug 07 ASFC TEAM PIC 2007  
 24th Aug 07 Ricky Tomlinson @ Accrington Stanley  
 6th Jul 07 2007 Kit Launch *  
 1st Jul 07 CROWN PUB opening  
 17th Aug 06 Carling and Ian Rush photo shoot *  
 8th Aug 06 Peel Park March 44 *  
 5th Aug 06 ASFC TEAM PIC 2006  
 18th Jul 06 CHORLEY NISSON Sponsor photo shoot  
 13th Jun 06 ASFC Ground work 06  
 23rd Apr 06 Champions Parade  
 22nd Apr 06 ASFC Supp club presentation Evening  
 22nd Apr 06 Conference Trophy presentation etc  
 21st Apr 06 Stanley Soccer School presentations  
 19th Apr 06 ASFC Pin Badges  
 15th Apr 06 The moment ASFC won League Status  
 15th Apr 06 Championship Celebrations  
 26th Feb 06 Stanley Ultras v Southport Fans  
 20th Feb 06 CAPITA Sponsor photo shoot  
 10th Feb 06 January Manager of the Month  
 3rd Nov 05 ASFC Ground pics 2005  
 30th Oct 05 ASFC Tombola at Ossy Mills  
 18th Sep 05 Stanley Ultras v Leeds United Fans  
 11th Sep 05 Stanley Ultras Presentation Day  
 10th Aug 05 ASFC TEAM PIC 2005  
 13th Jul 05 Fraser Eagle Accy shop  
 7th Jul 05 Stanley Kit Launch 2005  
 5th Jun 05 Stanley Ultras v Barrow (Ultras win league)  
 1st May 05 Stanley Ultras v Accrington Stanley  
 10th Apr 05 Stanley Ultras v Liverpool Fans  
 28th Mar 05 Stanley Ultras v York Fans  
 20th Mar 05 Liverpool Fans v Stanley Ultras  
 2nd Mar 05 Stanley ultras Pro Evo 4 PS2 Comp  
 2nd Feb 05 Stanley ultras Pro Evo 4 PS2 Comp  
 30th Jan 05 Stanley Ultras v Chester Fans  
 12th Dec 04 Stanley Ultras v Rhyl Fans  
 10th Oct 04 Stanley Ultras at the Radcliffe Tournament  
 6th Oct 04 LDV Team of the round 2004  
 28th Sep 04 ASFC at Wickets fitness rooms  
 11th Jul 04 Stanley Ultras v Southport Fans  
 7th Jul 04 Accrington CC v ASFC (Cricket)  
 1st Jul 04 First day Training  
 18th Jun 04 Season 04/05 Kit Home and Away  
 6th Jun 04 Stanley Ultras v Blackburn Rovers Fans  
 15th May 04 Accy Presentation evening  
 18th Apr 04 Stanley Ultras v Radcliffe fans  
 17th Apr 04 Stanley supporters club night  
 11th Apr 04 Sponsored Terrace climb  
 17th Jan 04 Shrewsbury Fans v Stanley Ultras  
 30th Dec 03 Flitcroft Brothers and CUPS  
 26th Dec 03 Stanley Fans Crimbo Party  
 21st Dec 03 Accy Stanley Family Party  
 19th Oct 03 Supporters club do  
 14th Aug 03 ASFC TEAM PIC 2003  
 21st Jun 03 ASFC at Accy Carnival 2003  
 24th May 03 Accy Stanley Civic Reception  
 26th Apr 03 Accy v Hyde + Presentation Evening  
 21st Apr 03 OSC Sponsored walk Ewood to Crown  
 18th Apr 03 Accy Stanley Kids Soccer school  
 12th Apr 03 Accy Stanley Championship celebrations  
 14th Dec 02 AccyStan Crimbo Party