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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

KIPAX Action Photography
KIPAX Action Photography
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 21st Nov 23 Accrington Stanley v Burnley (CL) (7214) 
 13th Nov 22 Burnley v Blackburn Rovers  
 4th May 22 Liverpool v Burnley (LFA Senior cup Final)  
 23rd Mar 22 Fylde v Burnley (LFA Womens CC Final)  
 14th Mar 22 Fleetwood Town v Burnley (LFA Girls u16s Final)  
 17th Nov 19 Blackburn Community v Burnley (Womens LC QF)  
 21st Oct 19 Burnley v Barnsley u23s  
 7th May 19 Burnley v Blackburn Rovers (LFA senior final)  
 25th Apr 19 Blackburn & Darwen v Burnley (LFA Girls u16 Final)  
 20th Feb 19 Burnley v Rochdale AFC (LFA SF)  
 18th Nov 18 Chorley v Burnley (Womens Lancs Cup)  
 23rd Sep 18 Burnley v Liverpool Feds (Womens FA Cup)  
 13th Sep 18 Burnley v Barrow LFA Senior Cup  
 15th Feb 18 Burnley v Birmingham (u23s)  
 6th Nov 17 Burnley v Huddersfield (u23)  
 29th Jul 17 Nottingham Forest v Burnley  
 25th Jul 17 Preston North End v Burnley  
 7th Apr 17 Burnley v St Helens Town (Girls youth Final)  
 23rd Jan 17 Burnley v Blackburn Rovers (u23)  
 13th Dec 16 Burnley v Bradford City FA Youth cup  
 30th Sep 16 Blackburn Rovers v Burnley (u23 cup)  
 12th Sep 16 Burnley v Watford (u23)  
 24th Aug 16 Accrington Stanley v Burnley (EFL Cup 2)  
 5th Aug 16 Burnley v Real Sociedad  
 30th Jul 16 Rangers v Burnley  
 7th Jul 16 Burnley FC First team training  
 19th Apr 16 Burnley v Middlesbrough (Champ)  
 5th Mar 16 Burnley v Blackburn Rovers (Champ)  
 25th Jan 16 Burnley v Derby County (Champ)  
 2nd Jan 16 Burnley v Ipswich town (Champ)  
 28th Dec 15 Burnley v Bristol City (Champ)  
 19th Dec 15 Burnley v Charlton Athletic (Champ)  
 5th Dec 15 Burnley v Preston North End (Champ)  
 22nd Nov 15 Burnley v Brighton (Championship)  
 3rd Nov 15 Burnley v Fulham (Champ)  
 31st Oct 15 Burnley v Huddersfield town (Champ)  
 24th Oct 15 Blackburn Rovers v Burnley (Champ)  
 17th Oct 15 Burnley v Bolton Wanderers (Champ)  
 26th Sep 15 Burnley v Reading (Champ)  
 15th Sep 15 Burnley v MK Dons (Champ)  
 12th Sep 15 Burnley v Sheffield Wed (Champ)  
 22nd Aug 15 Burnley v Brentford (Champ)  
 18th Jul 15 Accrington Stanley v Burnley (Pre season)  
 5th Jan 15 Burnley v Tottenham (FA Cup)  
 23rd Nov 14 Burnley Legends V St Theodores Old Boys  
 26th Aug 14 Burnley v Sheffield Wed  
 26th Jul 14 Accrington Stanley v Burnley  
 9th Mar 14 Blackburn Rovers v Burnley  
 3rd Dec 13 Burnley v Watford  
 29th Oct 13 Burnley v West Ham Utd (Cup)  
 17th Mar 13 Blackburn Rovers v Burnley (Championship)  
 7th Aug 12 Rochdale AFC v Burnley  
 2nd May 12 PNE v Burnley (Lancashire youth cup Final)  
 18th Jan 12 PNE v Burnley (Reserves)  
 12th Jul 11 Bury v Burnley  
 28th Mar 10 Burnley v Blackburn Rovers (Prem)  
 16th Dec 09 Burnley v Arsenal (Prem)  
 8th Sep 09 Burnley v Accrington Stanley (SOS Match)  
 28th Jul 09 Accrington Stanley v Burnley  
 22nd Apr 09 PNE v Burnley LFA Youth Cup  
 17th Dec 08 Accy Reserves v Burnley Reserves  
 7th May 08 Accy RES v Burnley RES  
 14th Jul 07 Accy v Burnley (Pre Season)  
 8th Jul 06 Accy v Burnley (Freindly)  
 2nd May 06 Accy XI v Burnley XI (Paul Cook Testimonial)  
 20th Jul 05 Accy v Burnley  
 21st Feb 05 Burnley res v Man utd res