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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

FILTER >> Blackburn Rovers Ladies
FILTER >> Blackburn Rovers Ladies
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 8th Oct 23 Accrington Stanley v Fleetwood Town (Womens) (7211) 
 17th Sep 23 Accrington Stanley v Preston N.E. (Womens)  
 3rd Sep 23 Clitheroe W Pink v Huncoat Utd (Girls u12)  
 15th Jun 23 West Lancs v Preston (u11 district girls FINAL)  
 13th Jun 23 Blackburn Darwen v Rossendale (u15 Girls FINAL)  
 13th Jun 23 Preston v Chorley (u13 Girls FINAL)  
 26th May 23 Blackburn Darwen v Chorley (Girls u13 SF)  
 23rd May 23 Haslingden v Broughton (u14 Girls LFA Trophy)  
 20th May 23 Lancashire v Merseyside (SFA Girls u14 FINAL)  
 19th May 23 Blackburn Darwen v Chorley (Girls u15 SF)  
 9th May 23 Haslingden v Alder Grange (LSFA u16 girls FINAL)  
 5th May 23 LSFA Under 12 Girls FINALS  
 30th Apr 23 Padiham v Todmorden (u12s Girls FINAL FH only)  
 30th Apr 23 Mill Hill v Clitheroe Wolves (u11 girls FINAL)  
 30th Apr 23 Lancs Spitfires v Wilsphire (Girls u9 FINAL)  
 16th Apr 23 Belvedere v Huncoat (u10s girls FINAL) FIRST HALF  
 31st Mar 23 Blackburn Darwen v Preston (Girls u13s)  
 22nd Mar 23 Blackburn Darwen v Hyndburn RV (u11 Girls)  
 14th Mar 23 Blackburn Darwen v South Ribble (u15 Girls)  
 6th Mar 23 Lancs Player Development Programme PRIVATE (7058) 
 12th Feb 23 Darwen Ladies v ASFC Women (RES)  
 10th Feb 23 Blackburn Darwen v South Ribble (Girls u13)  
 3rd Feb 23 Chorley v Blackburn Darwen (Girls u11)  
 2nd Feb 23 Blackburn Darwen v Hyndburn RV (Girls u13)  
 8th Jan 23 Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland (Wom FA Cup)  
 29th Nov 22 Queensland girls (EDITS)  
 27th Nov 22 Scotland MISC - Queensland Girls  
 27th Nov 22 Scotland games 4,5,6 - Queensland Girls  
 27th Nov 22 Scotland games 1,2,3 - Queensland Girls  
 25th Nov 22 Wigan Athletic Queensland Girls  
 24th Nov 22 Manchester Utd v Queensland Girls  
 24th Nov 22 Queensland Girls Training Manchester  
 5th Nov 22 Ossy St Marys v ASFC Women (u12s)  
 30th Oct 22 Great Harwood v Cadley (Girls u16)  
 23rd Oct 22 Blackburn Community v Barnsley (Womens FA Cup)  
 2nd Oct 22 Mill Hill Green Boys v ASFC Girls (u13s)  
 18th Sep 22 Lancs Spitfires v Ribchester Rovers (Girls u12)  
 4th Sep 22 Great Harwood v Clitheroe Wolves (Girls u9)  
 28th Jul 22 Leek Town Ladies v San Antonio Lions (Wom u18)  
 27th Jul 22 Macclesfield v San Antonio Lions (Wom u18)  
 24th Jul 22 Solihull Moors v San Antonio Lions (Wom u18)  
 16th Jun 22 LSFA - Blackburn v West Lancs (u11 Girls Final)  
 14th Jun 22 LSFA - Rossendale v Chorley (Girls u15 Final)  
 14th Jun 22 LSFA - Blackburn v Preston (Girls u13 Final)  
 24th May 22 LSFA - Balshaws v Haslingden (Girls u14 Final)  
 18th May 22 Blackburn Darwen v West Lancs (u11 Girls)  
 10th May 22 LSFA - Archbishop Temple v Broughton (Girls u16 Final)  
 6th May 22 Blackburn Darwen v Rossendale (u15 Girls)  
 30th Apr 22 Bolton W v Blackpool (LFA u13 Girls Final)  
 30th Apr 22 Myerscough Jrs FDC v PNE (LFA u12 Girls Final)  
 24th Apr 22 Darwen Girls v Clitheroe Wolves (u10s Final)  
 9th Apr 22 Bolton v Euxton West (LFA u14s Girls Final)  
 3rd Apr 22 Barnoldswick Bar's v L.Spitfire (u9s Girls Cup)  
 1st Apr 22 Blackburn Darwen v Preston (Girls u13)  
 28th Mar 22 Lancashire v Merseyside (SFA Girls u14)  
 23rd Mar 22 Fylde v Burnley (LFA Womens CC Final)  
 14th Mar 22 Fleetwood Town v Burnley (LFA Girls u16s Final)  
 11th Mar 22 G.Manchester v Lancashire (SFA Girls u14)  
 13th Feb 22 Mill Hill v Huncoat (Girls u14)  
 3rd Feb 22 Lancashire v Cheshire (SFA Girls u16)  
 9th Jan 22 Euxton v Euxton (Girls u7s)  
 12th Dec 21 Todmorden SC Vipers v BRFC Girls (u12s)  
 21st Nov 21 Mill Hill Pink v Lostock Hall (Girls u14s)  
 20th Nov 21 Lancashire Spitfire Girls v Globe BP (u9s)  
 24th Oct 21 Lancashire SFA Girls v Chorley wanderers (u14s)  
 5th Sep 21 Belvedere Ladies v Bolton Wand Girls  
 3rd Jul 21 Euxton Villa v Euxton Girls West (Girls u13s)  
 27th Jun 21 Haslingden v Langho (LFA Womens Cup Final)  
 27th Jun 21 Bury Boys/Girls v Penwortham T (LFA Womens PLATE)  
 26th Jun 21 Merseyside v Lancashire (SFA Girls u16 - Cup SF)  
 12th Jun 21 Lancashire v Oxfordshire (SFA Girls u16 - Cup QF)  
 5th Jun 21 Lancashire v South Yorkshire (SFA Girls u14)  
 16th May 21 Blackburn Rovers v Charlton Ath (Womens FA Cup)  
 9th May 21 Langho Girls v Euxton (u18s)  
 8th May 21 Lancashire v South Yorkshire (SFA u16 Girls) 2ND HALF  
 8th May 21 Lancashire v Cleveland (SFA u14 Girls) FIRST HALF  
 2nd May 21 Oldham Ath Boys v Lancashire SFA Girls U14  
 2nd May 21 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v Sheffield Utd Women  
 11th Apr 21 Academy Juniors v Darwen Girls (u12s)  
 5th Apr 21 Lancashire SFA Girls u14 Trials  
 4th Apr 21 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v Coventry Utd Women  
 4th Apr 21 GlobeBP (Boys) v Mill Hill Violet (Girls) (u10s)  
 28th Mar 21 Liverpool Ladies v Blackburn Rovers Ladies  
 14th Mar 21 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v Lewes Women  
 7th Mar 21 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v Durham Women  
 7th Feb 21 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v Crystal Palace Women  
 2nd Jan 21 ASFC Girls u14 Mini Tournament 11.30am -1.30pm  
 2nd Jan 21 ASFC Girls u14 Mini Tournament 9.30am -11.30am  
 20th Dec 20 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v Leicester City Women  
 13th Dec 20 Sheffield Utd v Blackburn Rovers Ladies  
 6th Dec 20 Durham Women v Blackburn Rovers Ladies  
 22nd Nov 20 Coventry Utd v Blackburn Rovers Ladies  
 15th Nov 20 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool Ladies  
 8th Nov 20 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v London Bees  
 18th Oct 20 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v London City Lionesses  
 15th Oct 20 Blackpool v Chorley (LFA Girls u18 Final)  
 11th Oct 20 Blackpool v Fleetwood Town (LFA Girls u15 Final)  
 30th Sep 20 Haslingden v North Lancs (LFA Womens Final)  
 27th Sep 20 Hyndburn Youth v Penwortham Town (u12 Girls)  
 13th Sep 20 Pendle Forest v Padiham (Girls u12)  
 30th Aug 20 AFC Darwen Ladies v Morecambe Ladies  
 16th Aug 20 Nelson Ladies v Silsden Ladies  
 13th Aug 20 Accrington Stanley v Nelson (Ladies u18s)  
 4th Jul 20 She’s Elite Football Academy [PRIVATE] (5795) 
 15th Mar 20 Liverpool Feds Res v Blackburn CSC(Womens)  
 10th Mar 20 Lancashire v Greater Manchester (SFA u14 Girls)  
 8th Mar 20 Huncoat Utd v Barnoldswick T Blue (Girls u12)  
 16th Feb 20 Blackburn Rovers Dev v Bradford City Res (Womens)  
 2nd Feb 20 Blackburn Rovers v Durham (Womens)  
 26th Jan 20 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Womens FA Cup)  
 15th Jan 20 Greater Manchester v Lancashire (u14 Girls QF)  
 2nd Jan 20 Female Match Officials 2005 to 2010  
 19th Dec 19 Lancashire v Durham (SFA Girls u16)  
 8th Dec 19 Blackburn Rovers v London City (Womens)  
 1st Dec 19 Blackburn Rovers Dev v Durham Womens FC  
 24th Nov 19 BRFC v Crystal Palace (Womens + Mill Hill girls)  
 24th Nov 19 ASFC Community Trust v Haslingden (u9s girls FINAL)  
 21st Nov 19 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Womens)  
 17th Nov 19 Blackburn Community v Burnley (Womens LC QF)  
 17th Nov 19 Darwen Girls & Ladies v CBM Vikings (Girls u11s)  
 10th Nov 19 Mill Hill v Darwen Girls & Ladies (Girls u12s)  
 10th Nov 19 Clitheroe Wolves v Fulledge Colts (girls u12s)  
 3rd Nov 19 Blackburn Rovers Girls v Fulledge Colts (u12s)  
 27th Oct 19 Blackburn Rovers v Coventry Utd (Womens)  
 14th Sep 19 West Lancs Girls (u7 u8 u9 Football Festival)  
 1st Sep 19 Blackburn Community v West Kirby (Womens FA Cup)  
 25th Aug 19 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v London Bees  
 15th May 19 PNE Womens v Hindley Jnrs LFA Girls u14 Final  
 14th May 19 Lostock Hall v PNE Women LFA Girls u13 Final  
 12th May 19 LFA Girls u12 Youth Cup Final  
 9th May 19 Blackburn Rovers v Fylde (LFA Womens Final)  
 25th Apr 19 Blackburn & Darwen v Burnley (LFA Girls u16 Final)  
 24th Apr 19 Bury v Blackpool (LFA Girls u18 Final)  
 18th Apr 19 Crosby Stuart v Shoreline USA (Girls u15)  
 14th Apr 19 Crosby Stuart v Academie de Soccer Pro-Foot (Girls u15)  
 7th Apr 19 Haslingden v Tom Finney (LFA Womens Trophy Final)  
 7th Apr 19 Nelson v Bury Dev (LFA Womens Plate Final)  
 31st Mar 19 Blackburn Community v Cammell Laird (Womens)  
 21st Mar 19 Wigan Ath v Golborne (LFA Girls u15 CF)  
 13th Mar 19 Lancashire v Greater Manchester (Girls u16)  
 14th Feb 19 Blackburn Rovers v AFC Fylde (Womens)  
 24th Jan 19 Lancashire (Girls u14) v Brinscall (Boys u13)  
 20th Jan 19 Fylde v Blackburn Community (LFA Womens SF)  
 19th Nov 18 Hyndburn Schools Football (Girls y5&6)  
 18th Nov 18 Chorley v Burnley (Womens Lancs Cup)  
 4th Nov 18 Blackburn CSC Ladies v PNE  
 23rd Sep 18 Burnley v Liverpool Feds (Womens FA Cup)  
 19th Aug 18 Lancashire SFA Girls u14 Trials  
 6th Aug 18 Blackburn CSC v Burnley Belvedere (7v7) Womens  
 6th Aug 18 Accrington CFC v Sir Tom Finney FC (7x7) Womens  
 30th Jul 18 Blackburn CSC v Blackburn United Girls (7v7)  
 25th Jun 18 ESFA Girls u9 Final [PRIVATE] (5084) 
 22nd Jun 18 LSFA u16 girls county cup final  
 27th May 18 Blackburn Rovers v Charlton Ath (Wom PO FINAL)  
 19th May 18 Lancashire v Northumberland (Girls u16 Final)  
 13th May 18 Blackpool v Golborne (LFA Girls u14 final)  
 13th May 18 PNE v Blackpool (LFA Girls u13 final)  
 10th May 18 Blackburn Rovers v Chorley Ladies (LFA County CF)  
 1st May 18 Bury v PNE (LFA Girls u15 CF)  
 26th Apr 18 PNE v St helens (WL Girls youth FINAL)  
 26th Apr 18 Wigan Ath v St Helens red (WL Girls u13s FINAL)  
 19th Apr 18 Blackpool v PNE (LFA girls u16 county CF)  
 8th Apr 18 Burnley Belv v Wigan Ath Dev (LFA Womens TF)  
 8th Apr 18 Hindley v Barrow Celtic Comets (LFA Womens PF)  
 29th Mar 18 PNE v Curzon Ashton (WL Girls u15 FINAL)  
 29th Mar 18 Blackpool v Fillies (WL Girls u11 FINAL)  
 29th Mar 18 Academy v Fillies (WL Girls u9 FINAL)  
 26th Mar 18 Crosby Stuart v Shevington (girls u14)  
 25th Mar 18 Blackburn Rover v Newcastle Utd (Girls Dev)  
 20th Mar 18 Blackburn Schools y5&6 girls football Finals  
 18th Mar 18 Crosby Stuart v Shankill girls (u14s)  
 4th Mar 18 Accrington Stanley v Wigan Ath Dev (Womens)  
 20th Feb 18 Merseyside v Lancashire (Girls u14)  
 20th Feb 18 Lancashire v Staffordshire (u16 girls QF)  
 18th Feb 18 Nelson Ladies v AGSA Res  
 18th Feb 18 Ossy St.Mary's White v BRFC.Girls (u12)  
 4th Feb 18 Blackburn Rovers v Charlton Ath Womens FA Cup)  
 28th Jan 18 ASFC Ladies v Academy Juniors  
 12th Jan 18 Greater Manchester v Lancashire (Girls u14)  
 9th Jan 18 Merseyside v Lancashire (Girls u16)  
 7th Jan 18 Blackburn Rovers v Portsmouth (Wom FA Cup)  
 17th Dec 17 Blackurn R v Bolton W (Womens Lancs cup SF)  
 5th Dec 17 Lancashire v Cleveland (Girls u14)  
 22nd Nov 17 Blackburn y7 Girls Futsal Finals  
 7th Oct 17 Blackburn Rovers v Leeds (girls u16 SECOND HALF)  
 7th Oct 17 Blackburn Rovers v Leeds (girls u14 FIRST HALF)  
 13th Sep 17 AccRoss v Balby Carr (Womens football)  
 8th Aug 17 AGSA Community FC (Feature)  
 23rd Jul 17 Blackburn Rovers v Sheffield (Womens res)  
 6th Jul 17 Globe v Rosegrove (Mums Charity Football)  
 1st Jun 17 Globe Mums v Globe u12s boys  
 23rd May 17 SSP Finals Girls & Boys u11 (Turf moor)  
 20th May 17 GlobeBP Mums in football Sponsor shoot  
 18th May 17 Lytham v Parklands (NW Girls u16 Shield)  
 4th May 17 PNE Women Jnrs v Blackpool Girls (u16 final)  
 26th Apr 17 Blackburn Rovers v Fylde (LFA Womens Final)  
 26th Apr 17 ACCROSS v Gateshead (Girls Cup SF)  
 19th Apr 17 Pendle Wildcats Girls FC (Launch)  
 19th Apr 17 Burnley Schools Girls Football Play Offs  
 18th Apr 17 Wigan Ath v Preston N.E. (Girls u16 Final)  
 18th Apr 17 Blackpool v Padiham Saints (Girls u10 Final)  
 11th Apr 17 Preston N.E.v Blackpool (Girls u14 Final)  
 11th Apr 17 Preston N.E. v Wigan Ath (Girls u13 Final)  
 7th Apr 17 Burnley v St Helens Town (Girls youth Final)  
 6th Apr 17 Formby JSC v Euxton (Girls u15 Final)  
 6th Apr 17 Preston N.E. v Blackpool (Girls u11 Final)  
 4th Apr 17 Preston North End v Fillies GFC (Girls u12 final)  
 4th Apr 17 Euxton Girls v Maghull FC (u9 Final)  
 26th Mar 17 Blackburn Rovers v Derby County (Womens)  
 26th Mar 17 Blackburn Rovers Ladies CHAMPIONS  
 24th Mar 17 LSFA Girls u12 football Finals  
 4th Mar 17 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Girls u16)  
 26th Feb 17 Blackburn CSC v Birkenhead (Womens Football)  
 16th Feb 17 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v Fylde Ladies  
 12th Feb 17 Chorley Ladies v Mossley Hill  
 5th Feb 17 Blackburn R v Tottenham H (Womens FA Cup)  
 31st Jan 17 Lancashire v Durham (u16 girls)  
 31st Jan 17 ACCROSS USA Alice and Katie (Feature)  
 15th Dec 16 Lancashire v Merseyside (Girls u16)  
 6th Dec 16 Lancashire v Greater Manchester (Girls u14)  
 23rd Nov 16 AccRoss v Leeds City (Girls Football)  
 8th Nov 16 Merseyside v Lancashire (Girls u14)  
 15th Oct 16 Blackburn Rovers v Manchester Utd (u16 wom fa cup)  
 13th Oct 16 ACCROSS Girls Football Week  
 4th Sep 16 Blackburn Rovers v Rotherham Utd (W Prem Cup)  
 4th Sep 16 Globe Bullough v BRFC Girls (u12s @ Bullough)  
 4th Sep 16 Globe Bullough v BRFC Girls (u10s @ Bullough)  
 15th Jun 16 Pendle Schools Girls football Finals  
 19th May 16 St.Bede's v St.Wilfrid's (Girls u16 Lancs final)  
 15th May 16 St Josephs v Gt Harwood (Womens County Lge)  
 11th May 16 Blackburn Rovers v Bradford city (Womens)  
 8th May 16 St Josephs v Lancaster (Womens Football)  
 4th May 16 St Wilfrids v Darwen Vale (u14 girls open final)  
 28th Apr 16 PNE v Blackburn Rovers (LFA Womens Final)  
 24th Apr 16 Blackburn CSC v Burnley (LFA Girls u16 Final)  
 24th Apr 16 PNE Womens v Blackpool (LFA Girls u14 Final)  
 16th Apr 16 Blackburn Rovers v Derby County (Girls u15)  
 16th Apr 16 Blackburn Rovers v Derby County (Girls u13)  
 16th Apr 16 Blackburn Rovers v Derby County (Girls u11)  
 15th Apr 16 Burnley v Preston N.E. Blue (Girls u16 Final)  
 15th Apr 16 Academy Jrs v Burnley (Girls u10 Final)  
 12th Apr 16 Wigan Athletic v Pendle Forest (Girls LCF)  
 11th Apr 16 Penwortham girls v Shoreline FC (league cup Final)  
 22nd Mar 16 Blackpool v Preston N.E. (Girls u14 Final)  
 22nd Mar 16 Academy Jrs v Crosby Stuart (Girls u13 Final)  
 18th Mar 16 Wigan Athletic v Dynamo Rangers (Girls u15 Final)  
 18th Mar 16 Preston N.E v Bolton Wand (Girls u12 Final)  
 12th Mar 16 Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United (Girls u13)  
 12th Mar 16 Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United (Girls u11)  
 12th Mar 16 Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United (Girls u15)  
 11th Mar 16 Wigan Athletic v Preston N.E. (Girls u11 Final)  
 11th Mar 16 Academy Jrs v Euxton North (Girls u9 Final)  
 8th Mar 16 Lancashire v South Yorkshire (Girls u16 County Final)  
 6th Mar 16 Blackburn Rovers v Derby County (Womens)  
 5th Feb 16 ACCROSS v York Girls u18 (ESFA SF)  
 31st Jan 16 Blackburn Rovers v Nuneaton Town (Wom FA cup)  
 24th Jan 16 Blackburn Rovers v Leed Utd (Womens Res)  
 23rd Jan 16 Lancashire v Northumberland (NC SF u16 Girls)  
 3rd Jan 16 Lancs Girls (u14) v Pendle Forest Boys (u13)  
 8th Dec 15 Merseyside v Lancashire (Girls u16s -Lpool)  
 3rd Dec 15 Lancashire v Shropshire (Girls u14 at JMO)  
 1st Dec 15 Lancashire v Cheshire (Girls u16 at JMO)  
 13th Sep 15 Great Harwood v St Josephs (Womens Football)  
 9th Sep 15 BRFC Ladies v PNEFC Women  
 6th Sep 15 PNE Womens FC Team pic 2015  
 16th Aug 15 Blackburn Rovers ladies v Loughborough  
 11th Jun 15 St Bedes v Bishop Rawstorne (Girls u16 County Final)  
 19th May 15 Brunshaw v Wellfield (Girls SSP Final)  
 17th May 15 Badger v Feniscowles u12s girls Cup Final  
 17th May 15 AGSA v Feniscowles u12s girls Cup Final  
 17th May 15 AGSA v Haslingden u15 girls Cup Final  
 7th May 15 Blackburn Rovers Girls Training Session 2  
 7th May 15 Blackburn Rovers Girls Training Session 1  
 5th May 15 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Girls u17)  
 30th Apr 15 Accrington v AFC Darwen (Girls u14)  
 29th Apr 15 Accrington Ladies v CMB (League decider)  
 28th Apr 15 Lancashir v Cheshire (girls u16 Final)  
 26th Apr 15 PNE WFC v Huddersfield (Plate Final)  
 24th Apr 15 Wigan Athletic v Fillies GFC (Girls Youth Final)  
 24th Apr 15 St Bedes v South Hunsley (y10/11 Girls cup SF)  
 20th Apr 15 Man City Girls v Blackpool (u11 Girls)  
 20th Apr 15 Burnley Clarets v Blackpool Girls (u9 Girls)  
 23rd Mar 15 Preston North End v Blackburn CSC (u16 Girls)  
 23rd Mar 15 Blackpool Girls v Academy Juniors (u12 Girls)  
 16th Mar 15 Preston North End v West End AFC (u14 Girls)  
 16th Mar 15 Preston North End v AFC Manchester (u13 girls)  
 9th Mar 15 Formby JSC v Stockport County (u15 Girls)  
 9th Mar 15 Preston North End v Wigan Athletic (u10 Girls)  
 11th Feb 15 Merseyside v Lancashire (Girls u14 cup SF)  
 8th Feb 15 Accrington ladies Res v St Josephs  
 28th Jan 15 Blackburn Rovers v PNE (Womens Lancs cup SF)  
 25th Jan 15 Liverpool Feds v Blackburn Rovers ( wom FA cup)  
 24th Jan 15 Everton v Blackburn Rovers (Girls u17 Cup)  
 20th Jan 15 Lancashire v Northumberland (u16 girls cup SF)  
 9th Jan 15 Lancashire v S. Yorkshire (u14 girls cup QF)  
 7th Jan 15 ACCROSS Girls v Gateshead (Football)  
 6th Dec 14 Lancashire FA Girls United (Fara Williams)  
 2nd Dec 14 Lancashire v Cheshire (Girls u14s football)  
 22nd Nov 14 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Girls u15s)  
 15th Nov 14 Burnley v Blackburn CSCS (Girls u14)  
 11th Nov 14 Lancashire v West Yorkshire (Girls u16 Football)  
 4th Nov 14 Lancashire v Merseyside (Girls u16 football)  
 19th Oct 14 Accrington v Brierfield Cetic (u12s Girls Football)  
 19th Oct 14 Blackburn CSC Ladies Dev v Burnley ladies SDS  
 19th Oct 14 Blackburn CSC Ladies v Morecambe Ladies  
 12th Oct 14 Accrington Ladies v Wetherby Athletic (Womens FA Cup)  
 1st Oct 14 Preston North End v Blackburn Rovers Ladies  
 4th Sep 14 Blackburn Rovers v PNE (Womens Football)  
 27th Aug 14 PNE Womens FC - Team pic & Head Shoulders  
 15th Jul 14 Girls United Mini Soccer (LFA)  
 3rd Jun 14 Hyndburn RV Y5/6 Girls Football  
 8th May 14 Lancashire v Manchester (u16 Girls Cup Final)  
 7th May 14 St Leonards v Wellfield (Girls Prim Final)  
 18th Apr 14 Lancashire v Shoreline USA (u14 Girls Football)  
 4th Apr 14 Preston NE v Wigan Ath (Girls u16 Lge cup Final)  
 4th Apr 14 Man City Blue v Stockport (Girls u15 Lge cup Final)  
 1st Apr 14 Euxton v Blackpool (Girls u12s Lge cup Final)  
 1st Apr 14 Oxford Grove v Burnley (Girls u18s Lge cup Final)  
 21st Mar 14 Man City v Blackpool Girls (u13s lge cup Final  
 21st Mar 14 Birkdale Utd v Burnley Girls (u14s lge cup final)  
 16th Mar 14 Accrington girls ladies v Carlisle  
 4th Mar 14 Manchester v Nottinghamshire (Girls u16 SF)  
 2nd Feb 14 Blackburn Rovers v Padiham Ladies (cup sf)  
 29th Jan 14 Lancashire v Northumberland (LSFA u16 girls)  
 11th Dec 13 Blackburn Schools Girls u14 football finals  
 1st Dec 13 Accrington Girls ladies v Blackburn Community FC  
 28th Nov 13 Lancashire SFA v Gr Manchester (Girls u14s)  
 13th Nov 13 Blackburn Schools Year 7 Girls Futsal Indoor finals  
 10th Oct 13 Lancashire v Staffordshire (Girls u14 Football)  
 15th Sep 13 Burnley FC Ladies v Blackpool FC Girls  
 12th Sep 13 Liverpool v Everton (Womens SL)  
 7th Jun 13 Hyndburn Primary Girls Football  
 4th Jun 13 Everton v Liverpool (FAWSL)  
 16th May 13 Blackburn Rovers ladies v Sporting Albion  
 8th May 13 Blackburn Rovers v Man Utd u17 Girls  
 8th May 13 Blackburn Rovers girls CofE All ages at Ewood  
 1st May 13 Blackburn Girls u14 Football Finals  
 28th Apr 13 Burnley v PNE WJFC (u16 Final)  
 28th Apr 13 St. Helens v PNE WJFC (u14 Final)  
 25th Apr 13 Blackburn Rovers v Blackpool W.R. (LFA Final)  
 24th Apr 13 Blackburn Rovers v P.N.E. Women FC  
 23rd Apr 13 y5 y6 Blackburn Schools Girls Football Finals  
 16th Apr 13 Lancashire v Essex (u14s Girls Football SF)  
 13th Apr 13 Blackburn Rovers v Everton u17s (Cup SF)  
 31st Mar 13 Blackburn Rovers v Derby County Ladies  
 27th Mar 13 Lancashire v Lincolnshire (u16s Girls Football)  
 24th Mar 13 Blackburn Rovers v Aston Villa (Womens Cup QF)  
 5th Mar 13 Lancashire v Merseyside (u14 Girls Football)  
 3rd Mar 13 Blackburn Rovers v Nottingham Forest Ladies  
 23rd Feb 13 Blackburn v Everton (Girls CofE) u11  
 23rd Feb 13 Blackburn v Everton (Girls CofE) u13  
 23rd Feb 13 Blackburn v Everton (Girls CofE) u15  
 23rd Feb 13 Blackburn v Everton (Girls CofE) u17  
 17th Feb 13 Blackburn Rovers v Newcastle Utd Ladies  
 7th Feb 13 Hyndburn Secondary girls football  
 5th Feb 13 Lancashire v Worcestershire (Girls u14 Football)  
 3rd Feb 13 P.N.E. Women v Millwall Lionesses (FA Cup)  
 27th Jan 13 PNE Women v Blackburn R Ladies (Lancs SF)  
 10th Jan 13 Blackburn Schools Girls u14 football Finals  
 16th Dec 12 Accrington Girls & Ladies v PNE Res  
 4th Dec 12 Lancashire v Merseyside (Girls u16 football)  
 18th Nov 12 Blackburn Rovers v Bolton (Womens Lancs Cup))  
 14th Nov 12 ACCROSS Girls v Manchester (Football)  
 11th Nov 12 Preston N.E. v Nottingham Forest Ladies  
 7th Nov 12 Blackburn Darwen y7 Girls FUTSAL Finals  
 3rd Nov 12 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Girls u17)  
 28th Oct 12 Blackburn Rovers v Blackpool (Lancs Cup)  
 25th Oct 12 Lancashire v West Yorkshire (Girls u16 football)  
 21st Oct 12 Blackburn Rovers v Nottingham Forest (RES)  
 14th Oct 12 Blackburn Rovers v Manchester City Ladies  
 29th Sep 12 u11s Girls Blackburn, Everton, Stoke  
 29th Sep 12 u11s Girls Man Utd, Liverpool  
 29th Sep 12 u11s Girls Blackburn, Man Utd, Liverpool  
 23rd Sep 12 PNE v Blackburn Rovers (Womens Lg Cup)  
 8th Sep 12 Blackburn Rovers v Everton (Girls CofE) u11s  
 8th Sep 12 Blackburn Rovers v Everton (Girls CofE) u13s  
 8th Sep 12 Blackburn Rovers v Everton (Girls CofE) u15s  
 8th Sep 12 Blackburn Rovers v Everton (Girls CofE) u17s  
 22nd May 12 Rovers end Season at Ewood (FIRST HALF)  
 22nd May 12 Rovers end Season at Ewood (SECOND HALF)  
 8th May 12 Blackburn Rovers v Man City Ladies  
 8th May 12 Manchester City Ladies FA PremN winners  
 1st May 12 Blackburn Sport v Pennington (Womens County Lg Cup)  
 21st Apr 12 Blackburn Rovers v Derby County (Girls CofE u17s)  
 8th Apr 12 Blackburn Rovers v Portsmouth (Womens Cup QF)  
 7th Apr 12 Blackburn Rovers v Everton (Girls CofE) u15s  
 7th Apr 12 Blackburn Rovers v Everton (Girls CofE) u13s  
 7th Apr 12 Blackburn Rovers v Everton (Girls CofE) u11s  
 4th Apr 12 Blackburn R v Blackpool WR (Lancs Cup Final)  
 18th Mar 12 Liverpool Ladies v Arsenal Ladies  
 11th Mar 12 Padiham Ladies v Morecambe Ladies FC  
 10th Mar 12 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Girls CofE) u17s  
 10th Mar 12 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Girls CofE) u15s  
 10th Mar 12 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Girls CofE) u13s  
 10th Mar 12 Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Girls CofE) u11s  
 7th Mar 12 PNE WJFC u15 v PNE WJFC u16 Girls County Cup  
 28th Feb 12 Academy Jnrs v Preston N.E. (Girls u14 Cup Final)  
 26th Feb 12 Preston N.E. v Blackburn Ladies (FA Cup)  
 18th Feb 12 Blackburn Rovers v Aston Villa (Girls u15s)  
 18th Feb 12 Blackburn Rovers v Aston Villa (Girls u13s)  
 18th Feb 12 Blackburn Rovers v Aston Villa (Girls u11s)  
 8th Feb 12 Blackburn Darwen Girls Football FINALS  
 29th Jan 12 Blackburn Rovers v Rochdale Ladies (L Cup)  
 28th Jan 12 Blackburn v Chelsea (Girls U17s) PART 2  
 28th Jan 12 Blackburn v Chelsea (Girls U17s) PART 1  
 22nd Jan 12 Padiham v Blackburn (Womens Lancs Cup)  
 18th Jan 12 ACCROSS Girls v Runshaw College  
 7th Dec 11 ACCROSS Girls v Morecambe Lancaster  
 27th Nov 11 Blackburn Rovers v Preston N.E.  
 20th Nov 11 P.N.E. v Blackburn (Womens Lancs Cup)  
 19th Nov 11 Blackburn v Leeds CofE u11  
 19th Nov 11 Blackburn v Leeds CofE u17  
 19th Nov 11 Blackburn v Leeds CofE u15  
 19th Nov 11 Blackburn v Leeds CofE u13  
 16th Nov 11 ACCROSS Girls 7 aside and Training  
 13th Nov 11 Blackburn Rovers v Leicester City  
 26th Oct 11 England v Norway u15s Girls  
 14th Oct 11 Stanley SL Fri Womens  
 9th Oct 11 Blackburn Rovers v Rotherham Utd  
 2nd Oct 11 AGLFC Ladies v Blackpool WR (FA Cup)  
 25th Sep 11 P.N.E. v Blackburn Rovers (womens)  
 21st Sep 11 ACCROSS Girls v Birmingham  
 18th Sep 11 Blackburn Rovers v Derby County  
 19th Aug 11 ACCROSS Boys/Girls Team Pics  
 28th May 11 Blackburn v Morecambe u11 Boys  
 20th Apr 11 Liverpool v Birmingham (Womens)  
 17th Apr 11 Blackburn v Sunderland (Champs)  
 16th Mar 11 ACCROSS Girls v Runshaw Coll  
 13th Mar 11 Blackburn v Nottingham  
 11th Mar 11 Blackburn v PNE (Womens Lancs final)  
 9th Mar 11 ACCROSS Girls v Burnley Coll  
 27th Feb 11 Blackburn Rovers v Millwall (FA Cup)  
 14th Feb 11 Blackburn Rovers v Rochdale (LCUP-SF)  
 23rd Jan 11 Middleton Ath v Boothstown (2nd HALF)  
 23rd Jan 11 Middleton Ath v Boothstown (FIRST HALF)  
 9th Jan 11 Blackburn Rovers v Millwall Lioness  
 2nd Dec 10 Queensland Girls at Filton Coll Bristol  
 22nd Nov 10 Man Utd Girls v Queensland 2010  
 22nd Nov 10 Queensland Girls at Man Utds Cliff Trainin  
 14th Nov 10 Blackburn Rovers v Reading  
 12th Oct 10 y5 y6 Girls Football RIBBLESDALE  
 10th Oct 10 Blackburn Rovers v Barnet  
 29th Sep 10 ACCROSS Girls v Balby Carr (SECOND HALF)  
 29th Sep 10 ACCROSS Girls v Balby Carr (FIRST HALF)  
 29th Sep 10 Curzon Ashton v Blackburn Rovers  
 19th Sep 10 Blackburn Rovers v Leeds  
 25th Aug 10 North West CofE Festival (11am-Noon)  
 25th Aug 10 North West CofE Festival (10am-11am)  
 25th Aug 10 North West CofE Festival (Noon- 1pm)  
 25th Aug 10 North West CofE Festival (2pm - 3pm)  
 25th Aug 10 North West CofE (Rovers v Liverpool u14s)  
 25th Aug 10 North West CofE Festival (1pm - 2pm)  
 25th Aug 10 North West CofE (u10s Sue Smith)  
 29th Jul 10 England v Turkey  
 15th May 10 Blackburn Rovers v Everton  
 13th May 10 Blackburn Rovers Ladies RESERVES (+ Presentations)  
 6th May 10 Blackburn Rovers v Arsenal (FIRST HALF)  
 6th May 10 Blackburn Rovers v Arsenal (SECOND HALF)  
 28th Apr 10 Blackburn Rovers v Leeds Carnegie  
 25th Apr 10 Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland  
 18th Apr 10 Blackburn Rovers v Bristol Academy  
 15th Mar 10 Blackburn Rovers v Salford (Womens Lancs cup)  
 28th Feb 10 Blackburn Rovers v Watford  
 18th Feb 10 Everton v Leeds  
 14th Feb 10 Everton v Blackburn Rovers (FA Cup)  
 11th Feb 10 Everton v Leeds (Lg Cup Final PRESENTATIONS)  
 11th Feb 10 Everton v Leeds (Lg Cup Final MATCH)  
 10th Feb 10 Blackburn Rovers v P.N.E (Womens Lancs cup)  
 7th Feb 10 Blackburn Rovers v Ooh Lincoln (FA Cup)  
 25th Jan 10 Liverpool v PNE (Womens FA Cup)  
 13th Dec 09 Blackburn Rovers v Doncaster Belles  
 15th Nov 09 PNE v Preston Rangers (1st Half Only)  
 8th Nov 09 Leeds Carnegie v Blackburn Rovers  
 7th Oct 09 Everton Ladies v Roa IL  
 4th Oct 09 Burnley v Chorley  
 30th Sep 09 Liverpool v Preston North End (womens)  
 24th Sep 09 England u19 v Norway u19  
 21st Sep 09 England u19 v Slovakia u19  
 13th Sep 09 Blackburn v Manchester City (Cup)  
 30th Aug 09 Blackburn v Birmingham  
 23rd Aug 09 Blackburn v Millwall Lionesses  
 9th Aug 09 Middleton Ath v GB Deaf (Part 2 of 2)  
 23rd Jun 09 Girls & Women Football week @ AGSA  
 10th May 09 Everton LFC v Arsenal Ladies  
 23rd Apr 09 ACCROSS Girls v Weston (BCS Semi Final)  
 5th Apr 09 Manchester City Ladies v Aston Villa  
 3rd Apr 09 Blackburn Rovers v Rochdale (Womens LFA FINAL)  
 25th Mar 09 ACCROSS Girls v Cheadle and Marple  
 21st Mar 09 Blackpool v Morecambe (Womens County final)  
 18th Mar 09 ACCROSS Girls v Yale College  
 15th Mar 09 ASFC Ladies team pic  
 15th Mar 09 A.G.S.A. v Accrington Stanley WOMENS  
 8th Mar 09 Blackburn Ladies v Birmingham Ladies  
 1st Mar 09 Chorley Ladies v Liverpool Feds  
 26th Feb 09 Arsenal v Doncaster Belles (L Cup Final)  
 24th Feb 09 Blackburn Ladies v Everton Ladies (FAC QF)  
 15th Feb 09 Blackburn Ladies v Arsenal Ladies  
 4th Feb 09 P.N.E. v Blackburn Rovers (Womens Lancs CUP)  
 1st Feb 09 AGSA v Morecambe  
 25th Jan 09 Manchester City v Everton  
 11th Jan 09 Manchester City v P.N.E. (womens)  
 21st Dec 08 Blackburn Rovers v Watford  
 14th Dec 08 Curzon Ashton v Blackpool Wren Rovers  
 7th Dec 08 Doncaster Belles v Preston N.E. (womens)  
 30th Nov 08 Blackpool Wren Rovers v Rochdale  
 23rd Nov 08 Preston N.E. v Rotherham (womens)  
 16th Nov 08 Man City v Blackburn Rovers  
 2nd Nov 08 Everton v Leeds  
 22nd Oct 08 Burnley v Leigh RMI  
 12th Oct 08 Accrington Stanley v Burnley Res WOMENS  
 5th Oct 08 Blackburn v Portsmouth  
 28th Sep 08 Accrington Stanley v Middleton Colts (WOMENS FA Cup)  
 21st Sep 08 Blackburn Rovers v Everton  
 17th Sep 08 Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers  
 14th Sep 08 Blackburn v Rotherham  
 14th Sep 08 Blackburn Rovers ladies TEAM PIC  
 12th Sep 08 Accrington Stanley Shirt Launch  
 7th Sep 08 Liverpool v Fulham  
 31st Aug 08 Blackburn Rovers v Accrington Stanley (Womens)  
 28th Aug 08 Blackburn Rovers v Leeds utd (Womens)  
 27th Aug 08 Liverpool v Everton (Womens)  
 7th Aug 08 Arsenal v Everton (Community Shield)  
 3rd Aug 08 Blackburn Rover Ladies (Manchester Summer Cup)  
 3rd Aug 08 Manchester Summer Cup (2/3)  
 3rd Aug 08 Manchester Summer Cup (1/3)  
 3rd Aug 08 Manchester Summer Cup (3/3)  
 27th Jul 08 UMBRO Sun (Presentations)  
 27th Jul 08 UMBRO Tournament Sun (1 of 4)  
 27th Jul 08 UMBRO Tournament Sun (2 of 4)  
 27th Jul 08 UMBRO Tournament Sun (3 of 4)  
 26th Jul 08 Blackburn Rovers Ladies UMBRO cup  
 26th Jul 08 UMBRO Tournament Sat (4 of 4)  
 26th Jul 08 UMBRO Tournament Sat (3 of 4)  
 26th Jul 08 UMBRO Tournament Sat (2 of 4)  
 26th Jul 08 UMBRO Tournament Sat (1 of 4)  
 14th Jun 08 Accrington 91 Ladies v Hollands Men  
 18th May 08 Everton v Liverpool (LFA Final)  
 5th May 08 Leeds v Arsenal FA Cup 2008 (323 pics)  
 4th May 08 Blackpool WR v Liverpool Feds (NW Lg Cup)  
 4th May 08 Chorley v Penrith (NW Plate Final)  
 2nd May 08 Leeds Utd Training Pre FA Cup  
 27th Apr 08 ASFC Ladies Team Pics  
 27th Apr 08 Accrington Stanley v Wigan Ath Res WOMENS  
 20th Apr 08 Everton v Birmingham  
 17th Apr 08 Blackburn v Everton  
 13th Apr 08 Blackburn v Chelsea  
 6th Apr 08 Everton v Bristol Academy  
 3rd Apr 08 Liverpool v Everton  
 30th Mar 08 Everton v Chelsea  
 26th Mar 08 Everton v Blackburn  
 23rd Mar 08 Blackburn Rovers Girls Manchester Cup  
 20th Mar 08 England v Czech Republic (Euro Q)  
 2nd Mar 08 Curzon Ashton v Chester City  
 28th Feb 08 Arsenal v Everton (Presentations)  
 28th Feb 08 Arsenal v Everton (Lg Cup FINAL)  
 25th Feb 08 Bacup v Morecambe (County Cup Final)  
 24th Feb 08 Blackburn v PNE (Lancs SF)  
 10th Feb 08 Bacup Ladies Team Pic  
 10th Feb 08 Bacup v Accrington AGSA (Lanc1)  
 7th Feb 08 Blackburn Rovers Ladies v Brasil Women  
 3rd Feb 08 Blackburn v Arsenal (WP)  
 27th Jan 08 Blackburn v Liverpool (FAC5)  
 27th Jan 08 Accrington Stanley v Burnley WOMENS  
 20th Jan 08 Liverpool v Leeds (WP)  
 13th Jan 08 Blackburn v Doncaster (WP)  
 6th Jan 08 Preston N.E. v Newcastle (Womens FA Cup)  
 16th Dec 07 Curzon Ashton v Preston N.E.Ladies (FAC 3)  
 13th Dec 07 Blackburn v Leeds (WP)  
 12th Dec 07 Everton v Doncaster Belles (WP)  
 2nd Dec 07 Everton v Arsenal (WP)  
 25th Nov 07 England v Spain (Euro Q)  
 18th Nov 07 Preston N.E. v Lincoln City (Reserves)  
 18th Nov 07 Preston N.E. v Man City (Womens Lancs Cup)  
 11th Nov 07 Liverpool v Doncaster Belles (WP)  
 4th Nov 07 Everton v Sunderland (PC-QF)  
 30th Oct 07 England v France (U19)  
 28th Oct 07 Blackburn v Charlton (WP)  
 21st Oct 07 Leeds Utd v Blackburn Rovers (WP)  
 13th Oct 07 Alma KTZH v Bardolino Verona (UEFA Cup)  
 13th Oct 07 Arsenal v SV Neulengbach (UEFA Cup)  
 10th Oct 07 Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers (WP)  
 9th Oct 07 Stockport County v Tranmere Rovers (WP-n)  
 7th Oct 07 Blackburn v Watford (WP)  
 7th Oct 07 Blackburn Rovers Ladies FC  
 4th Oct 07 Everton v Liverpool (WP)  
 23rd Sep 07 Accrington Stanley v Carleton Rovers (WOMENS Lge Cup)  
 16th Sep 07 Man City v Shef Wed (WP-n)  
 12th Sep 07 Preston N.E. v Man City (WP-n)  
 9th Sep 07 Accrington Stanley v Carleton WOMENS  
 2nd Sep 07 Preston N.E. v Rotherham (WP-n)  
 21st Aug 07 Padiham v Accrington Stanley WOMENS  
 20th Aug 07 Blackburn v Cardiff (WP)  
 12th Aug 07 Accrington Stanley v Manchester Vixens WOMENS  
 31st Jul 07 Preston North End Ladies team Pic  
 22nd Jul 07 UMBRO Tournament Sun 2 of 3  
 22nd Jul 07 UMBRO Tournament Sun 3 of 3 (Presentations)  
 22nd Jul 07 UMBRO Tournament Sun 1 of 3  
 21st Jul 07 UMBRO Tournament Saturday 3 of 3  
 21st Jul 07 UMBRO Tournament Saturday 1 of 3  
 21st Jul 07 UMBRO Tournament Saturday 2 of 3  
 29th Jun 07 Accy Ladies Presentation Evening.  
 13th May 07 England v N.Ireland (Womens Euro Q)  
 7th May 07 Arsenal v Charlton W. FA Cup (MATCH)  
 30th Apr 07 Curzon Ashton v Lincoln (Womens Prem N)  
 29th Apr 07 Blackburn v Fulham (Womens Prem)  
 29th Apr 07 Accrington Stanley v Rossendale (Womens Friendly)  
 22nd Apr 07 Liverpool v Wolves (Womens N)  
 20th Apr 07 Doncaster Belles v Blackburn (Womens Prem)  
 15th Apr 07 Blackburn v Charlton (Womens Prem)  
 8th Apr 07 Man City v Nottingham Forest (Womens N)  
 1st Apr 07 Everton v Fulham (Womens Prem)  
 25th Mar 07 Accrington Stanley v Carleton R WOMENS  
 18th Mar 07 Blackburn v Charlton (FA Cup SF)  
 14th Mar 07 Preston N.E. v Curzon Ashton (Womens N)  
 11th Mar 07 England v Scotland (Int Friendly)  
 4th Mar 07 Leeds v Arsenal (Prem Cup Final)  
 1st Mar 07 Everton v Blackburn (Womens Prem)  
 25th Feb 07 Everton v Bristol Academy (Womens Prem)  
 18th Feb 07 Liverpool v Bristol (FC Cup QF)  
 11th Feb 07 Blackburn v Leeds (FA Cup QF)  
 4th Feb 07 Man City v Lincoln City (Womens N)  
 2nd Feb 07 Curzon Ashton v Blackburn (Womens Lancs FINAL)  
 28th Jan 07 Accy Stanley v Pendle Forest (LFA 2)  
 28th Jan 07 Blackburn v Chelsea (Womens FA CUP)  
 14th Jan 07 Doncaster Belles v Leeds (Womens Prem)  
 7th Jan 07 Stockport v Arsenal (FA Cup 4)  
 17th Dec 06 Stockport v Lincoln (Womens N)  
 10th Dec 06 Blackburn v Man City (Lancs Cup SF)  
 3rd Dec 06 Everton v Doncaster (Abandoned)  
 26th Nov 06 Curzon Ashton v Liverpool (Womens N)  
 12th Nov 06 Blackburn v Cardiff (Womens Prem)  
 5th Nov 06 Everton v Chelsea (Womens L CUP QF)  
 29th Oct 06 Preston N.E. v Tranmere R. (Womens N)  
 22nd Oct 06 Man City v PNE (Womens N)  
 8th Oct 06 Accy v Preston Rangers (Womens LFA2)  
 1st Oct 06 Man City v Aston Villa (Womens N)  
 24th Sep 06 Curzon Ashton v Newcastle (Womens N)  
 17th Sep 06 Accy v PNE FC (Womens LF Cup)  
 10th Sep 06 Blackburn v Wolverhampton (Womens)  
 3rd Sep 06 Carleton Rovers v Accy (Womens LFA 2)  
 20th Aug 06 Blackburn v Arsenal (Womens Prem)  
 2nd Aug 06 Arsenal v Everton (Womens Community Shield)  
 26th Mar 06 England v France (Womens)  
 19th Mar 06 Man City v Blackburn (Womens North)  
 23rd Oct 05 Man City (Ladies) v Arsenal (Ladies)  
 29th Feb 04 Manchester Stingers v Accy Ladies  
 16th Apr 03 Accy Ladies v Droylsden Ladies