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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

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FILTER >> ASFC Academy/CofE/Youth
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 26th Oct 23 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (7202) 
 24th Oct 23 Little Lions PhotoShoot PRIVATE (7165) 
 18th Oct 23 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (7201) 
 24th Sep 23 Mill Hill Green v Padiham (u14s) (7217) 
 21st Sep 23 Accrington Stanley u18s Team Pic day (7216) 
 10th Sep 23 Great Harwood v Mill Hill Green (u12s)  
 9th Sep 23 Rochdale v Accrington Stanley (u18s)  
 17th Aug 23 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (7160) 
 16th Aug 23 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (7161) 
 15th Aug 23 Great Harwood Rovers @ ASFC v Barrow  
 5th Aug 23 Great Harwood Rovers @ ASFC v Newport C  
 29th Jun 23 Preston v Chorley u11s Luther Mercer Cup FINAL  
 15th Jun 23 Chorley v Blackpool & Fylde (u11 Exhibition)  
 8th Jun 23 Hyndburn RV v Preston (u15s Lancashire Cup)  
 8th Jun 23 Hyndburn RV v Blackburn Darwen (Wrennall Cup u14s)  
 6th Jun 23 Hyndburn RV v South Ribble (u13 Boys FINAL)  
 6th Jun 23 Hyndburn RV v Blackburn Darwen (u12 Boys FINAL)  
 25th May 23 Bains v Morecambe Bay (LSFA u16 FINAL)  
 23rd May 23 Clitheroe RGS v Leyland St Marys (u14s Kay Trophy)  
 22nd May 23 Mill Hill Juniors v Banchory Academy (Aberdeen)  
 20th May 23 Lancashire v Durham (SFA u18s FINAL)  
 18th May 23 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (7125) 
 17th May 23 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (7124) 
 16th May 23 Moorland v Hodgson (LSFA u15s FINAL)  
 16th May 23 St Christophers v CRGS (LSFA u13 FINAL)  
 13th May 23 Pendle Forest v Clayton Park Rangers (u15 FINAL)  
 13th May 23 AFC Clarets v Blackburn Eagles (u14 FINAL)  
 12th May 23 LSFA Under 12 Boys FINALS  
 30th Apr 23 Fulledge Colts v Todmorden u11s (FH of FINAL)  
 29th Apr 23 Great Harwood v Burnley Belvedere (u16 FINAL)  
 29th Apr 23 Pendle Forest v Barrowford celtic (u13 FINAL)  
 28th Apr 23 ASFC College v Liverpool College  
 22nd Apr 23 Macs Academy v Junior Gardeners (u12s FINAL)  
 21st Apr 23 Blackburn Darwen v West Lancashire (u15s)  
 17th Apr 23 Blackburn Darwen v Lancaster Morecambe (u14s)  
 16th Apr 23 Todmorden Panthers v Wilpshire W (u10s FINAL)  
 16th Apr 23 Rossendale Utd v Blackburn Eagles (u10s)  
 16th Apr 23 Fulledge Colts v Mill Hill red (u9s FINAL)  
 6th Apr 23 Diamond Coaching (Girls+Mixed) PRIVATE (7048) 
 6th Apr 23 Lancashire SFA v Placer United (USA) u14s  
 5th Apr 23 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (7047) 
 4th Apr 23 Blackburn Darwen v Blackpool (u14s)  
 25th Mar 23 Rossendale Valley v Fulledge Colts (u10s FINAL)  
 25th Mar 23 Rossendale V v AFC Wolves (u8s FINAL)  
 25th Mar 23 Rosegrove v Clitheroe Wolves (u8s FINAL)  
 25th Mar 23 Pendle Forest v Clitheroe W (u11s FINAL)  
 25th Mar 23 Glenside v Clitheroe Wolves (u9s FINAL)  
 25th Mar 23 Jnr Hoops v Rosegrove (u8s FINAL)  
 25th Mar 23 Blackburn Eagles v Wilpshire Wan (u8s FINAL)  
 25th Mar 23 Wilpshire Wan v Clitheroe Wolves (u9s FINAL)  
 24th Mar 23 Blackburn Darwen v West Lancs (u13s)  
 19th Mar 23 Rossendale Utd v Macs Academy (u12s)  
 17th Mar 23 Blackburn Darwen v Hyndburn RV (u15s)  
 12th Mar 23 Mill Hill v Bury Foundation (LFA u13s SF)  
 11th Mar 23 Preston v Blackburn Darwen (u11s)  
 4th Mar 23 Hyndburn RV v Blackpool (u13s)  
 3rd Mar 23 Hyndburn RV v Blackburn Darwen (u12s)  
 26th Feb 23 Mill Hill (Green) Blackburn Eagles (u13s)  
 24th Feb 23 Blackburn Darwen v South Ribble (u13)  
 20th Feb 23 Blackburn Darwen v Hyndburn RV (u11s)  
 19th Feb 23 Inter Pro v Blackburn Eagles (u12s)  
 17th Feb 23 Blackburn Darwen v ELFA Inter League (u11s)  
 12th Feb 23 Darwen Colts v Great Harwood (u13s)  
 11th Feb 23 Preston v Blackburn Darwen (u12s)  
 10th Feb 23 Blackburn Darwen v Hyndburn RV (u13s)  
 29th Jan 23 Rosegrove v Inter Pro (u12s)  
 29th Jan 23 Fulledge Colts Blue v Mill Hill Green (u12s)  
 25th Jan 23 ASFC College v Macclesfield (u18s)  
 17th Jan 23 Accrington Stanley v Blackpool (u18s)  
 15th Jan 23 Mill Hill Green v Rosegrove (u15s)  
 12th Jan 23 Diamond Coaching (Girls+Mixed) PRIVATE (7012) 
 11th Jan 23 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (7011) 
 8th Jan 23 Fulledge Colts v Blackburn Eagles (u12s)  
 10th Dec 22 Great Harwood & Eagles @ Blackburn Rovers  
 20th Nov 22 Mill Hill v Longridge Town (LFA u13s Cup)  
 17th Nov 22 Mill Hill u13 Training PRIVATE (6949) 
 15th Nov 22 Little Lions PhotoShoot PRIVATE (6858) 
 9th Nov 22 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (6967) 
 6th Nov 22 Glenside Lions v Cadley Grey (u14s)  
 5th Nov 22 Ossy St Marys v ASFC Women (u12s)  
 30th Oct 22 Great Harwood v Belvedere (u16)  
 29th Oct 22 Great Harwood White v Rosegrove Rhinos (u9s)  
 16th Oct 22 Great Harwood v Barrowford Celtic Meerkats (u12s)  
 16th Oct 22 Great Harwood v Ramsbottom Lions (u9s)  
 13th Oct 22 Mill Hill u8s training  
 5th Oct 22 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (6929) 
 2nd Oct 22 Mill Hill Green Boys v ASFC Girls (u13s)  
 1st Oct 22 Accrington Stanley v PNE (u17)  
 26th Sep 22 Falkirk v Queensland (u16)  
 26th Sep 22 Falkirk v Queensland (u15)  
 26th Sep 22 Queensland Coaching & Celtic Stadium Tour  
 25th Sep 22 Scotland YFA v Queensland (Indoors)  
 25th Sep 22 Scotland YFA v Queensland (Outside)  
 23rd Sep 22 Macclesfield Town v Queensland (u16)  
 23rd Sep 22 Macclesfield Town v Queensland (u15)  
 22nd Sep 22 Ashton Mersey School v Queensland  
 22nd Sep 22 Queensland u15/u16 Coaching Clinic  
 18th Sep 22 Lancs Spitfires v Ribchester Rovers (Girls u12)  
 9th Sep 22 Stockport u16 v Lancashire SFA u16  
 4th Sep 22 Great Harwood v AFC Wolves (u15)  
 3rd Sep 22 Great Harwood Rovers u8s (ASFC v Ipswich)  
 27th Aug 22 Great Harwood Rovers (ASFC v Exeter)  
 7th Aug 22 Nelson v AFC Blackpool (u18s)  
 28th Jul 22 Leek Town v San Antonio Lions (Mens u18)  
 27th Jul 22 Macclesfield v San Antonio Lions (Mens u18)  
 24th Jul 22 Solihull Moors v San Antonio Lions (Mens 18)  
 20th Jul 22 Diamond Coaching PRIVATE (6820) 
 10th Jul 22 U7s Football Festival 13.15 to 14.15  
 10th Jul 22 U7s Football Festival 12.20 to 13.15  
 10th Jul 22 U7s Football Festival 11.15 to 12.15  
 5th Jul 22 Little Lions PhotoShoot PRIVATE (6833) 
 16th Jun 22 LSFA - Blackpool v Hyndburn RV (u11 Final)  
 9th Jun 22 LSFA - Chorley v Blackburn Darwen (Boys u15 Final)  
 9th Jun 22 LSFA -South Ribble v Hyndburn RV (Boys u14 Final)  
 7th Jun 22 LSFA - Lancaster Morecambe v Hyndburn RV (u13 Final)  
 7th Jun 22 LSFA - West Lancashire v Preston (u12 District Final)  
 6th Jun 22 LSFA - Blackburn Darwen v Hyndburn RV (u15s SF)  
 24th May 22 LSFA - Longridge v Holy Cross (Boys u14 Final)  
 21st May 22 Walton le Dale Yellows v Gregson Lane (u8s)  
 21st May 22 Astley & Buckshaw blues v Springfield (u8s)  
 17th May 22 LSFA - Unity v Lytham St Annes (Boys u15 Final)  
 17th May 22 LSFA - CRGS v Garstang Academy (Boys u13 Final)  
 15th May 22 Glenside v Fulwood Amateurs u12s FINAL  
 15th May 22 Mill Hill V Glenside Juniors SF u12s  
 15th May 22 Fulwood Amateurs v Da La Salle SF u12s  
 15th May 22 Glenside Juniors v Vauxhall Motors u12s  
 15th May 22 Mill Hill v Junior Gardeners u12s  
 14th May 22 GT7 Academy T7 v Fulwood Amateurs u12s  
 14th May 22 Junior Gardeners v Glenside Juniors u12s  
 14th May 22 Reddish N.E. Black v Da La Salle u12s  
 14th May 22 GT7 Academy G7 v Vauxhall Motors u12s  
 14th May 22 Fulwood Amateurs v Reddish N.E.(Black) u12s  
 14th May 22 Mill Hill V Reddish N.E.(White) u12s  
 12th May 22 LSFA Fisher More v CRGS (u12)  
 12th May 22 LSFA - All Hallows v Fisher More v (u12)  
 12th May 22 LSFA St Augustines v CRGS (u12)  
 12th May 22 LSFA All Hallows v St Augustines (u12)  
 12th May 22 LSFA u12 Boys County Cup Presentations  
 12th May 22 LSFA All Hallows v CRGS (u12)  
 11th May 22 Diamond coaching (6pm-8pm) PRIVATE (6778) 
 10th May 22 LSFA - St.Christopher’s v Park (Boys u16 Final)  
 7th May 22 Pendle F Spartans v Pendle F Pumas (u14s Final)  
 7th May 22 Rossendale Valley v Pendle forest (u13s final)  
 6th May 22 Mill Hill u16s v Coaches  
 5th May 22 Blackburn Darwen v Blackpool (u13s)  
 3rd May 22 Blackpool v Rochdale (LFA Pro Youth Final)  
 30th Apr 22 Fleetwood Whites v Bury Foundation (LFA u12 Final)  
 26th Apr 22 AFC Fylde u18 v AFC Fylde u17 (LFA Youth Final)  
 11th Apr 22 Lancashire v Greater Manchester (SFA u14s)  
 10th Apr 22 Nelson v Todmorden SC (u16 Cup QF)  
 3rd Apr 22 Rosegrove Rockets v Blackburn Eagles (u10 Cup)  
 3rd Apr 22 Feniscowles v Rossendale Valley (u10 Trophy)  
 3rd Apr 22 Mill Hill Red v Rosegrove Raptors (u10 Vase)  
 3rd Apr 22 Mill Hill Yellow v Fulledge Colts (u10s Plate)  
 3rd Apr 22 Barnoldswick Bar's v L.Spitfire (u9s Girls Cup)  
 3rd Apr 22 Mill Hill v Darwen Rangers (u9s Cup)  
 3rd Apr 22 Langho v AFC Wolves (ELFA u9s Trophy Final)  
 3rd Apr 22 Fuilledge Colts v Mill Hill Purple (ELFA u9 Vase)  
 2nd Apr 22 Slyne/Hest v Fleetwood Whites (LFA u15 Final)  
 30th Mar 22 Diamond coaching (6pm-8pm) PRIVATE (6452) 
 29th Mar 22 Blackburn Darwen v Rossendale (u11s)  
 26th Mar 22 Blackburn Darwen v Preston (u12 town teams)  
 26th Mar 22 Junior Hoops Saints v Globe Bullough Park (u13)  
 20th Mar 22 Todmorden SC v AFC Ossy (u13s)  
 19th Mar 22 Great Manchester v Lancashire (SFA u14)  
 13th Mar 22 Mellor Yell' v Feniscowles (u12s Trophy QF)  
 13th Mar 22 Glenside v Fulledge Orange (u12s Vase QF)  
 7th Mar 22 Lancashire v S. Yorkshire (SFA u16s)  
 6th Mar 22 Globe BP v St Josephs (u14s Cup)  
 27th Feb 22 Bacup Burough v Mill Hill Silver (u13s)  
 26th Feb 22 Stanhill Jrs v Wilpshire Wand Red (u12s)  
 20th Feb 22 Globe BP V Whalley Jnrs (u15s)  
 20th Feb 22 GH Rovers White v Mellor Jrs Black (u12s)  
 14th Feb 22 Lancashire v Cheshire (SFA Boys u16)  
 7th Feb 22 Lancs Player Development Programme PRIVATE (6449) 
 5th Feb 22 GH Rovers White v Fulledge Colts Red (u7s)  
 27th Jan 22 Blackburn Rovers v Sheffield Wed (FA Youth cup)  
 16th Jan 22 AFC Darwen Boys v Barnoldswick Town (u12s)  
 15th Jan 22 Astley & Buckshaw v New Longton (u7s)  
 21st Dec 21 Mill Hill Silver u13s (Lads v Dads)  
 18th Dec 21 Great Harwood v Rosegrove Rockets (u11s)  
 18th Dec 21 Great Harwood v Globe BP (u11s)  
 18th Dec 21 Great Harwood v Clitheroe Wolves (u11s)  
 17th Dec 21 Greater Manchester v Lancashire (SFA u16)  
 12th Dec 21 Todmorden SC Vipers v BRFC Girls (u12s)  
 5th Dec 21 Mill Hill Silver u13s (Champions)  
 5th Dec 21 Mill Hill Silver v Bacup Borough (u13s)  
 1st Dec 21 Diamond Coaching (6pm-8pm) PRIVATE (6414) 
 28th Nov 21 Hyndburn Youth v St Josephs (u9s)  
 25th Nov 21 Fulledge Colts v Mill Hill (u7s)  
 22nd Nov 21 Lancashire v South Yorkshire (SFA u18s)  
 20th Nov 21 Lancashire Spitfire Girls v Globe BP (u9s)  
 14th Nov 21 St Josephs v Pendle Forest Sports (u15s)  
 13th Nov 21 Great Harwood v Huncoat Utd (u9s)  
 7th Nov 21 Furness Rovers v Chorley Wanderers (u14s Cup)  
 2nd Nov 21 Lancashire v West Yorkshire (SFA u16s)  
 30th Oct 21 Huncoat United v Wilpshire Wanderers (u9s)  
 24th Oct 21 AFC Darwen Colts v Barrowford Celtic Black (u12s)  
 20th Oct 21 Diamond Coaching (6pm-8pm) PRIVATE (6276) 
 17th Oct 21 Ossy Jnrs Tigers v Great Harwood (u8s)  
 16th Oct 21 AFC Wolves Burnley (Training)  
 2nd Oct 21 Rosegrove Raiders v Macs Academy (u10s)  
 2nd Oct 21 Rosegrove Sharks v Rossy Valley (u10s) FIRST HALF  
 2nd Oct 21 Rosegrove u5 / u6 Training  
 2nd Oct 21 Rosegrove Rhinos Blue v Great Harwood White (u8s)  
 22nd Sep 21 Diamond Coaching (6pm-8pm) PRIVATE (6283) 
 18th Sep 21 Junior Hoops Bears v Fulledge Colts (u8s)  
 18th Sep 21 Junior Hoops Saints v Great Harwood (u8s)  
 15th Aug 21 PRESENTATIONS (Drinkwater)  
 15th Aug 21 Mill Hill v AFC Wolves (Drinkwater u12s)  
 15th Aug 21 Great Harwood v White Army (Drinkwater u8s)  
 15th Aug 21 AFC Ossy v Ossy Jrs (Drinkwater u8s)  
 15th Aug 21 Barrowford v Mellor (Drinkwater u12s)  
 15th Aug 21 Various u8s (Drinkwater Trophy)  
 15th Aug 21 Various u10s (Drinkwater Trophy)  
 15th Aug 21 Various u12s (Drinkwater Trophy)  
 15th Aug 21 Various u14s (Drinkwater Trophy)  
 8th Aug 21 Nelson FC u16s Kit day PRIVATE (6235) 
 7th Aug 21 Wigan Ath v Morecambe (LFA Pro youth Cup Final)  
 10th Jul 21 Clitheroe Wolves v Junior Gardeners (u8s)  
 3rd Jul 21 Euxton Villa v Euxton Girls West (Girls u13s)  
 22nd Jun 21 Mill Hill Silver u12s Lads v Dads  
 20th Jun 21 Mill Hill Yellow v Barnoldswick Barons (u9s)  
 20th Jun 21 Mill Hill Green v Blackburn Eagles White (u9s)  
 20th Jun 21 Mill Hill Silver v Jnr Hoops (u9s)  
 17th Jun 21 Lytham jnr Wanderers v Lytham jnr Albion (u12s)  
 13th Jun 21 Cadley v Lancon (Central Lancs u12s)  
 9th Jun 21 Lancashire SFA Boys u14 - ESFA Trophy Presentation  
 6th Jun 21 Rosegrove Bulls v Rossendale Valley Lions u10s  
 6th Jun 21 Rosegrove Raptors V Mill Hill Green u9s  
 6th Jun 21 Rosegrove Rockets v Blackburn Eagles Red u9s  
 6th Jun 21 Rosegrove Rhinos v Rossendale Valley u7s  
 29th May 21 Wilpshire W v Jnr Gardeners (u11 FINAL)  
 29th May 21 Mill Hill v Wilpshire Wand (u14s FINAL)  
 29th May 21 Fulledge ColtS v Mill Hill (u12s FINAL)  
 23rd May 21 Langho Maroon Dev v Mill Hill Yellow (u11)  
 23rd May 21 Langho Maroon Dev v Rossendale Valley Lions (u10s)  
 23rd May 21 Langho Blue Dev v Mill Hill White (u7)  
 23rd May 21 Langho Green Dev v Rosegrove Wolves (u9s)  
 22nd May 21 Feniscowles & Pleasington v Mill Hill (u16s)  
 15th May 21 Oswaldtwistle Jrs v Mill Hill Blue (u8s FINAL)  
 15th May 21 Junior Gardeners v AFC Clarets (u10s FINAL)  
 15th May 21 Fulledge Colts Red v Rishton Utd (u15s FINAL)  
 15th May 21 Wilpshire Wand v Rosegrove Foxes (u7s FINAL)  
 15th May 21 Rossendale Vall v Pendle For Dynamoes (u9s FINAL)  
 15th May 21 Pendle For' Pumas v Great Harwood White (u13s FINAL)  
 13th May 21 Mill Hill Silver v Hyndburn (u12s)  
 9th May 21 Langho Blue v Feniscowles (u11s)  
 9th May 21 Langho Green v Rishton (u9s)  
 9th May 21 Langho Girls v Euxton (u18s)  
 9th May 21 Langho Red v Lammack (u7s)  
 9th May 21 Langho Maroon v Mill Hill Silver (u10s)  
 2nd May 21 Oldham Ath Boys v Lancashire SFA Girls U14  
 1st May 21 Rosegrove Rockets v Ossy Juniors (u10s)  
 1st May 21 Rosegrove Clarets u6s  
 1st May 21 Rosegrove v Rishton utd (u12s)  
 1st May 21 Rosegrove Tornadoes v Burnley Town (u9s)  
 1st May 21 Rosegrove Cheetahs v Great H.R. White (u10s)  
 1st May 21 Rosegrove Rangers u6s  
 1st May 21 Rosegrove Raiders v Clitheroe Wolves Blue (u9s)  
 25th Apr 21 Rossendale valley v Blackburn Eagles blue (u13s)  
 24th Apr 21 Blackburn Eagles v Rosegrove Foxes (u7s)  
 24th Apr 21 Blackburn Eagles v Clitheroe Wolves Red (u8s)  
 24th Apr 21 Blackburn Eagles v Wilpshire Wanderers (u10s)  
 24th Apr 21 Blackburn Eagles v Ramsbottom Utd Spartans (u11s)  
 24th Apr 21 Blackburn Eagles v Burnley Town (u8s)  
 18th Apr 21 AFC Ossy v Darwen Rangers red (u12s)  
 17th Apr 21 AFC Ossy v Junior Hoops (u12s)  
 17th Apr 21 AFC Ossy v Clitheroe Wolves (u7s)  
 11th Apr 21 Fulledge Colts v Burnley Belvedere (u12s)  
 11th Apr 21 Academy Juniors v Darwen Girls (u12s)  
 10th Apr 21 GlobeBP v Rishton utd (u12s)  
 6th Apr 21 Accrington Stanley v Lancashire SFA (u16s)  
 4th Apr 21 GlobeBP (Boys) v Mill Hill Violet (Girls) (u10s)  
 4th Apr 21 GlobeBP v Rosegrove Wolves (u9s)  
 4th Apr 21 GlobeBP v Lammack Jnrs Green (u13s)  
 3rd Apr 21 Great Harwood v Rossendale Valley (u14s)  
 20th Mar 21 Accrington Stanley v Tranmere Rovers (u18)  
 6th Mar 21 Accrington Stanley v Preston N.E. (u18s)  
 27th Feb 21 Accrington Stanley v Oldham Athletic (u18s)  
 20th Feb 21 Accrington Stanley v Carlisle Utd (u18s)  
 13th Feb 21 Accrington Stanley v Fleetwood Town (u18s)  
 20th Dec 20 Mill Hill Silver v Glenside Juniors (u12s)  
 1st Nov 20 Fulledge Colts Green v Mill Hill Silver (u12s)  
 1st Nov 20 Readstone Juniors v Brierfield (u10s)  
 25th Oct 20 AFC Darwen V Atherton Colleries (LFA u16 Final)  
 25th Oct 20 Pennington v Ribbleton (LFA u15 Final)  
 24th Oct 20 Hawcoat Park v Fullwood Amateurs (LFA u14s Final)  
 24th Oct 20 FC Strikerz v Lune Valley Jrs (LFA u13s Final)  
 18th Oct 20 GlobeBP v Junior Hoops (u9s)  
 18th Oct 20 GlobeBP v Mill Hill Red (u13s)  
 17th Oct 20 Oswaldtwistle Jrs v Great Harwood Green (u10s)  
 17th Oct 20 Oswaldtwistle Jrs v Rosegrove Rhinos (u7s)  
 17th Oct 20 Oswaldtwistle Jrs v Great Harwood White (u10s)  
 17th Oct 20 Oswaldtwistle Jrs v Ribchester (u9s)  
 15th Oct 20 Blackpool v Chorley (LFA Girls u18 Final)  
 11th Oct 20 Blackpool v Fleetwood Town (LFA Girls u15 Final)  
 11th Oct 20 Blackpool Girls v Wigan Ladies (LFA girls u14 Final)  
 10th Oct 20 FC Clarets v Lytham Juniors (LFA u12s Final)  
 7th Oct 20 PDA Academy v Ramsbottom Utd (LFA u18 Final)  
 3rd Oct 20 Globe BP v Junior gardeners (u15s)  
 3rd Oct 20 Globe BP v Great Harwood Black (u10s)  
 3rd Oct 20 Globe BP v Rishton utd (u12s)  
 27th Sep 20 Hyndburn Youth v Penwortham Town (u12 Girls)  
 27th Sep 20 Darwen Rangers v Mill Hill Silver (u12s)  
 20th Sep 20 AFC Darwen Colts v Barrowford Celtic (u12s)  
 13th Sep 20 Pendle Forest v Padiham (Girls u12)  
 13th Sep 20 Stanhill Jrs v Mil Hill Silver (u12s)  
 6th Sep 20 Nelson v Lammack (u15s)  
 15th Aug 20 Great Harwood Black v White (u10s)  
 9th Aug 20 Great Harwood v Rishton (u13s)  
 9th Aug 20 Great Harwood Green v White (u8s)  
 1st Aug 20 Great Harwood v Whalley (u14s)  
 16th Jun 20 Blackburn Eagles training session  
 16th Mar 20 Blackburn Schools yr 8 SF QEGS v Darwen Vale  
 7th Mar 20 Globe BP v Blackburn Eagles (u9s Cup SF)  
 1st Mar 20 Mill Hill Blue v Mill Hill Red (u12s)  
 23rd Feb 20 Lammack Jnrs Green v Bacup Jnrs - Real (u12s)  
 15th Feb 20 Rishton Utd Blue v Rossendale Utd Royals (u13s)  
 8th Feb 20 Pendle Forest Panthers v Pendle Forest Pumas (u12s)  
 7th Feb 20 Redeemer v Glenside Juniors (u12s Friendly) PRIVATE (5720) 
 1st Feb 20 Great Harwood v Wilpshire Wand (u13s Cup QF)  
 26th Jan 20 Ossy Hawks v Barnoldswick Town Green (u12s)  
 20th Jan 20 Merseyside v Lancashire (SFA Boys u14s)  
 19th Jan 20 Hyndburn Youth v Todmorden SC (u11 FINAL)  
 18th Jan 20 Great Harwood Rov v Pendle Forest Wiz (u13s)  
 5th Jan 20 Blackburn Eagles Red v MillHill Red (u11s Cup FINAL)  
 2nd Jan 20 Match Officials (2010) Not PRO Games  
 2nd Jan 20 Match Officials (2009) Not PRO Games  
 2nd Jan 20 Match Officials (2008) Not PRO Games  
 2nd Jan 20 Match Officials (2002-2007) Not PRO Games  
 2nd Jan 20 Female Match Officials 2005 to 2010  
 22nd Dec 19 AFC.Ossy v Gt.Harwood Rovers (U11 Shield Final)  
 17th Dec 19 Lancashire v Cheshire (SFA u16)  
 15th Dec 19 AFC Darwen Fulledge Colts red (u10s Autumn Cup FINAL)  
 14th Dec 19 Hyndburn Youth v Brierfield Celtic (u15s)  
 11th Dec 19 Lancashire v Greater Manchester (SFA u16)  
 4th Dec 19 Lancashire v Cleveland (SFA u14)  
 1st Dec 19 Huncoat Utd White v AFC.Ossy (u11s Cup SF)  
 30th Nov 19 Brierfield Celtic - Blue v Rossendale Vall - Puma (u12s)  
 30th Nov 19 FC WYA v Rosegrove - Avengers (u12s)  
 25th Nov 19 Falkirk v Queensland (u16s)  
 24th Nov 19 Clitheroe Wolves v Langho Jrs (u9s FINAL)  
 24th Nov 19 Blackburn Eagles v Padiham (u9s FINAL)  
 23rd Nov 19 New Gardeners v Fulledge Colts (u14s)  
 18th Nov 19 Lancashire v Cheshire (SFA u18s)  
 13th Nov 19 Lancashire SFA v Fleetwood (Boys u14)  
 9th Nov 19 Great Harwood v Rosegrove Rockets (u9s Cup)  
 3rd Nov 19 Whalley Jnrs v Great Harwood Rovers u14s  
 3rd Nov 19 Blackburn Rovers Girls v Fulledge Colts (u12s)  
 26th Oct 19 Blackburn Eagles Black v Pendle Forest Panthers (u12s)  
 20th Oct 19 Accrington Stanley v Ipswitch MASCOTS  
 19th Oct 19 Blackburn Eagles blue v Wilpshire Wand red (u13s)  
 19th Oct 19 Blackburn Eagles red v Wilpshire Wand red (u12s)  
 13th Oct 19 AHF White v Hyndburn Youth (u8s)  
 13th Oct 19 AHF White v Whalley Jnr Black (u8s)  
 13th Oct 19 AHF Blue v Readstone Utd Blue (u8s)  
 13th Oct 19 AHF Blue v Darwen Rangers Yellow (u8s)  
 6th Oct 19 AHF White v Free Style Academy (u7s)  
 6th Oct 19 AHF White v Blackburn Eagles (u7s)  
 6th Oct 19 AHF Blue v Fulledge Colts Blue (u7s)  
 6th Oct 19 AHF Blue v Colne Jnr Black (u7s)  
 6th Oct 19 Colne Jnr Black v Fulledge Colts Blue (u7s)  
 5th Oct 19 Rosegrove Terriers v Rishton (Cup u13s)  
 21st Sep 19 Accrington Stanley v Blackpool - GlobeBP  
 21st Sep 19 Inter:Pro Academy v Great Harwood green (u12s)  
 15th Sep 19 Lancon v Hesketh Bank (u11s)  
 14th Sep 19 West Lancs Girls (u7 u8 u9 Football Festival)  
 12th Sep 19 Globe BP v Darwen Rangers Blue (u12s)  
 8th Sep 19 AHF White v Genius Football Academy u10s  
 8th Sep 19 AHF Blue v Blackburn Rovers Girls u10s  
 8th Sep 19 AHF v Mill Hill White u13s  
 8th Sep 19 AHF v Blue Star u11s (Dev)  
 8th Sep 19 AHF Blue v Fulledge Colts White u9s  
 8th Sep 19 AHF White v Blackburn united u9s (Dev)  
 13th Aug 19 Accrington Stanley u9s (ASFC v Sunderland)  
 13th Aug 19 FootyTotz [PRIVATE] (5520) 
 10th Aug 19 Stanley Trust u16 Grassroots Tournament.  
 4th Aug 19 DIAMOND Elite Coaching\Trails [PRIVATE] (5501) 
 1st Aug 19 Britannia Cup Chester  
 20th Jul 19 Bala Town v Accrington Stanley MASCOTS  
 22nd Jun 19 AHF FC Summer Tournament [PRIVATE] (5480) 
 18th May 19 Ossy Hawks Presentations [PRIVATE] (5372) 
 18th May 19 Preston v Hyndburn RV LSFA Wrennall Cup Final  
 18th May 19 Preston v Lancaster/Morecambe LSFA u13 Dist Final  
 16th May 19 St Christophers v Ribblesdale LSFA u13 final  
 15th May 19 Hodgson Academy v Balshaw LSFA u14 Final  
 14th May 19 Bishop Rawstorne v Ribblesdale LSFA u15 Final  
 12th May 19 LSFA u11 District Final Hyndburn v Preston  
 12th May 19 LFA Under 12 Youth Cup Final  
 7th May 19 St Bede's V St Wilfrid's (y11 Final)  
 7th May 19 St Bede's v Westholme (y10 Final)  
 28th Apr 19 Hindsford v Bamber Bridge (LFA u16 Final)  
 28th Apr 19 Ribbleton v Penwortham (LFA u14 Final)  
 27th Apr 19 Mill Hill Jrs - In House Tourn [PRIVATE] (5465) 
 21st Apr 19 Manchester Easter cup (10am to 3pm))  
 20th Apr 19 PNE v Wigan Ath (LFA Pro Youth Cup Final)  
 14th Apr 19 Huncoat Utd v Ossy Hawks (u10 Vase)  
 14th Apr 19 Mill Hill Red v Darwen Rangers (u9 Cup Final)  
 14th Apr 19 Feniscowles v Whalley (u9 Shield Final)  
 14th Apr 19 Ramsbottom v Clitheroe (u9 Trophy Final)  
 12th Apr 19 DIAMOND Elite Coaching\Trails (10am & 2pm)  
 31st Mar 19 Darwen Aces v Mill Hill Red (u9s Cup SF)  
 30th Mar 19 Rossendale Valley Tigers v Pendle Forest Panthers (u11 SF)  
 30th Mar 19 Clitheroe Wolves Red v Great Harwood White (u11 SF)  
 24th Mar 19 Southport v AFC Fylde (LFA Boys u18 CF)  
 24th Mar 19 Atherton Collieries v Team Elite (LFA Boys u15 CF)  
 24th Mar 19 Walshaw Sports v Southport (LFA boys u13 CF)  
 17th Mar 19 Rosegrove Terriers v Langho Green (u12s cup)  
 16th Mar 19 Clitheroe Wolves Red v AFC Clarets (u11s Cup QF)  
 9th Mar 19 Rosegrove Warriors v Mill Hill White (u12s)  
 8th Mar 19 Bollingtton v Meggen FC (Switzerland) MATCH 2  
 8th Mar 19 Bollingtton v Meggen FC (Switzerland) MATCH 1  
 4th Mar 19 Lancashire v Merseyside (Boys u14)  
 2nd Mar 19 Accrington Stanley v Coventry City MASCOTS  
 2nd Mar 19 Pendle Forest Pumas v Rossendale Utd Blues (u12s)  
 2nd Mar 19 Rossendale Valley Tigers v Pendle Forest Wizards (u12s)  
 24th Feb 19 Bullough Park v Clitheroe Wolves (u12 Trophy)  
 23rd Feb 19 Rishton utd v Mill Hill Red (u13s)  
 17th Feb 19 AFC Darwen v Pendle Forest (u16)  
 16th Feb 19 Hyndburn RV v South Ribble (Boys u12)  
 10th Feb 19 Ribbleton Green v Wilpshire Wand Blue (u14 LFA SF)  
 10th Feb 19 AFC Clarets v Great Harwood Rovers (u12s Cup)  
 4th Feb 19 Cheshire v Lancashire (Boys u16)  
 3rd Feb 19 Barnoldswick Barons v Burnley town (u13s)  
 3rd Feb 19 Bacup Jnrs v Mill Hill Red (u12s)  
 3rd Feb 19 Padiham FC.White v Readstone Utd Yellow (u12s)  
 27th Jan 19 Great Harwood Rovers v Ramsbottom Utd (u14)  
 27th Jan 19 Oakhill v Langho Jnrs Green (u12s)  
 26th Jan 19 Brierfield Celtic v Ossy Hawks (u7s -Soccerdome)  
 24th Jan 19 Lancashire v Merseyside (Boys u16 Cup QF)  
 24th Jan 19 Lancashire (Girls u14) v Brinscall (Boys u13)  
 12th Jan 19 Langho v Pendle Forest u12s  
 7th Jan 19 Merseyside v Lancashire (Boys u14 QF)  
 6th Jan 19 Mill Hill v Chorley Youth (u16)  
 6th Jan 19 Todmorden SC Athletic v Belvedere (u12s)  
 29th Dec 18 Accrington Stanley v Peterborough Utd Ossy Hawks u11s  
 26th Dec 18 ASFC v Shrewsbury Town (HUNCOAT UTD)  
 16th Dec 18 Whalley Jnrs v Crown Paints (u15s)  
 16th Dec 18 Langho Jnrs Green v Whalley Jnrs (u12)  
 9th Dec 18 Rosegrove Ninjas v St Josephs (u11 Shield SF)  
 2nd Dec 18 Ossy Hawks v Oswaldtwistle St Marys (u13s)  
 26th Nov 18 Falkirk v Queensland (AU) u15s  
 25th Nov 18 Scotland u17s v Melbourne Allstars  
 25th Nov 18 Scotland Youth v Queensland (AU) u15s  
 24th Nov 18 Pendle Forest Pumas v Rishton Utd Red (u12s)  
 23rd Nov 18 Manchester FUTSAL Queensland (AU) u15s  
 22nd Nov 18 Ashton Mersey v Queensland (AU) u15s  
 21st Nov 18 Lancashire SFA v Fleetwood Town (Boys u14)  
 17th Nov 18 Accrington Stanley v Barnsley [MASCOTS]  
 17th Nov 18 Clayton Park Rangers v Brierfield Celtic (u14)  
 16th Nov 18 Lancashire v Humberside (u18s)  
 10th Nov 18 Blackburn Eagles v AFC Fylde (u11s)  
 6th Nov 18 Blackburn Schools JUBILEE Finals  
 4th Nov 18 St Josephs v Rossendale Valley (u12s)  
 28th Oct 18 Mill Hill v AFC Darwen (u16)  
 27th Oct 18 Accrington Stanley v Portsmouth MASCOTS  
 21st Oct 18 Feniscowles v Barrowford Celtic (u18)  
 14th Oct 18 Darwen Rangers v Bacup (u12s)  
 13th Oct 18 Accrington Stanley v Bradford city MASCOTS  
 30th Sep 18 Colne FC Red v Crown Paints (u15)  
 30th Sep 18 Colne v Ossy St Marys Black (u13s 1st Half)  
 30th Sep 18 Colne v Barrowford Celtic Orange (u12s)  
 26th Sep 18 Lancashire v West Yorkshire (Boys u16)  
 22nd Sep 18 Accrington Stanley v AFC Wimbledon MASCOTS  
 22nd Sep 18 Mill Hill (white) v Ribchester (u12s)  
 19th Sep 18 Crown Paints v Rishton United (u15s)  
 14th Sep 18 PNE Academy v Lancashire SFA (u16)  
 13th Sep 18 Great Harwood Rovers v Padiham (u12s)  
 12th Sep 18 Clitheroe Wolves v Gobe BP (u15s)  
 8th Sep 18 FC WYA v Ossy Hawks (u11s)  
 8th Sep 18 Ighten Leigh v MillHill (red) u12s  
 2nd Sep 18 Football Foundation open day (Woolridge)  
 26th Aug 18 BwD Clitheroe Wolves v Blackburn Utd (u11s)  
 26th Aug 18 BwD Football Festival  
 18th Aug 18 ASFC v Charlton Athletic MASCOTS  
 4th Aug 18 Accringotn Stanley v Gillingham MASCOTS  
 3rd Aug 18 Britannia cup u8 u9 u12 etc  
 3rd Aug 18 Britannia cup pitches 3 & 4  
 3rd Aug 18 Britannia cup u8s Final  
 3rd Aug 18 Britannia cup u9s Final  
 3rd Aug 18 Britannia cup u18s  
 3rd Aug 18 Britannia cup 3g Pitch  
 15th Jul 18 AHF Footbal Tournament  
 24th Jun 18 Rosegrove Jrs Team pics 2018 & Presentations  
 20th Jun 18 Padiham Saints v Walshaw Sports (u15) CF  
 20th Jun 18 Blackburn Schools C Team Football Festival  
 15th Jun 18 Luther Mercer cup final (Boys u11)  
 24th May 18 Lancashire v Merseyside (Boys u14 Fnal)  
 23rd May 18 Ashton v Morecambe (Lancs Schools u13 final)  
 22nd May 18 Blessed Trinity v CRGS (Lancs Schools u15 Final)  
 21st May 18 BRGS v CRGS (Lancs Schools u19s Final)  
 10th May 18 Blackburn Schools y7 Football Final  
 6th May 18 Rosegrove v Globe u12 cup final  
 6th May 18 Readstone u12 Shield winners  
 5th May 18 Preston North End v Wigan Ath (LFA Youth CF)  
 29th Apr 18 Atherton Town v Prestwich Marauders (LFA u14 CF)  
 29th Apr 18 Ribbleton v Vickerstown (LFA u16 CF)  
 28th Apr 18 GT Harwood R v Burnley Belv (u11s CF)  
 28th Apr 18 Clitheroe Wolves v Wilpshire W (u9s CF)  
 28th Apr 18 Brierfield C v Ross Valley (u10s CF)  
 22nd Apr 18 Bae Warton v Winstanley Warriors (LFA u18 YCF)  
 22nd Apr 18 Walshaw Sports v Hindsford Jnr (LFA u15 YCF)  
 17th Apr 18 Accrington Stanley v Yeovil Town (MASCOTS)  
 15th Apr 18 Wilpshire Wanderers v Belvedere (u13 cup SF)  
 14th Apr 18 Rosegrove u6 training 9-11am  
 6th Apr 18 Pendle v SV Hausach 1927 e.V. (Boys u12s)  
 1st Apr 18 Manchester Easter Tournament (All day)  
 31st Mar 18 Langho v Barrowford Celtic (u15s)  
 23rd Mar 18 Reflex GK Academy Training (VIDEO) (4980) 
 17th Mar 18 Accrington Stanley v FGR Rosegrove MASCOTS  
 17th Mar 18 Hyndburn RV v Lancaster (Town u11 Boys)  
 15th Mar 18 Merseyside v Lancashire (Boys u16)  
 11th Mar 18 Crown paints Red v Rosegrove (u13s)  
 9th Mar 18 Lancashire v South Yokshire (u14 Boys)  
 8th Mar 18 Mill hill u8s blue at the Brick  
 3rd Mar 18 Bullough Park Charity Snow football  
 24th Feb 18 Accrington Stanley v Cambridge Rosegrove MASCOTS  
 24th Feb 18 Pendle v Hyndburn u12s County Football  
 21st Feb 18 AccRoss v Brooksby Melton (ESFA QF)  
 18th Feb 18 Ossy St.Mary's White v BRFC.Girls (u12)  
 17th Feb 18 Langho v Junior Gardeners (u11s)  
 13th Feb 18 Accrington Stanley v Crewe MASCOTS  
 3rd Feb 18 Accrington Stanley v Stevenage MASCOTS  
 3rd Feb 18 Burnley Belvedere v Mill Hill (u12s)  
 27th Jan 18 Under 11 Schools Danone Cup FINAL  
 27th Jan 18 Under 11 Schools Danone Cup PITCH 3  
 27th Jan 18 Under 11 Schools Danone Cup PITCH 2  
 27th Jan 18 Under 11 Schools Danone Cup PITCH 1  
 21st Jan 18 Langho v Clitheroe Wolves (u15)  
 20th Jan 18 Accrington Stanley v Port vale MASCOTS  
 20th Jan 18 Wilpshire W Blue v Brierfield C White (u13)  
 14th Jan 18 Great Harwood Rovers v Langho Jnrs Blue (u14)  
 7th Jan 18 Rosegrove Tigers v Burnley Town (u12s)  
 6th Jan 18 Accrington Stanley v Chesterfield MASCOTS  
 3rd Jan 18 RV Futsal SESSION 2 (7pm to 8.15pm)  
 3rd Jan 18 RV Futsal SESSION 1 (6pm - 7pm)  
 29th Dec 17 Ribble Valley Futsal  
 19th Dec 17 Accrington Stanley v Morecambe (u18s)  
 17th Dec 17 Rosegrove Panthers v Crown Paints (u12s)  
 15th Dec 17 Goalkeeper Training Bolton [PRIVATE] (4817) 
 9th Dec 17 Globe v Globe (u14s)  
 3rd Dec 17 Feniscowles Blue v Crown Paints (u14)  
 30th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour v TNS (u16s)  
 30th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour v TNS (u15s)  
 28th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour (Celtic Training/Tour)  
 27th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour v Kirkliston  
 27th Nov 17 Queensland UK Tour (Edinburgh ORIAM)  
 26th Nov 17 Ossy Hawks v Darwen Rangers (u12)  
 18th Nov 17 Globe Bulough park at ASFC v Newport  
 18th Nov 17 Mill Hill Blue v Blackburn All Stars (u12s)  
 18th Nov 17 Burnley Belvedere v Fulledge Colts (u12s Cup)  
 15th Nov 17 Blackburn Rovers v Wrexham (u18 FA Youth cup)  
 12th Nov 17 Darwen Rangers v Barnoldswick Town (U13)  
 7th Nov 17 Blackburn Schools JUBILEE Finals  
 22nd Oct 17 Wilpshire Wan v Great Harwood Rov (u13s)  
 20th Oct 17 Fleetwood v Lancashire SFA (Boys u14)  
 16th Oct 17 Shrewsbury Acad (u14/15) v Thailand Nat (u14)  
 15th Oct 17 New Saints TNS (u14s) v Thailand Nat (u14)  
 14th Oct 17 Globe Bullough Park v Huncoat Utd (u14)  
 10th Oct 17 Lancashire v Cheshire (Boys SFA u16)  
 8th Oct 17 Great Harwood v Pendle Forest (u12s)  
 6th Oct 17 Lancashire v AFC Fylde (u18s)  
 24th Sep 17 Riston Utd Blue v Ossy St marys (u15)  
 23rd Sep 17 AHF Team pics 2017  
 22nd Sep 17 Mill Hill Juniors team pics (Ewood)  
 18th Sep 17 HYNDBURN Primary schools Kids cup  
 17th Sep 17 Darwen Rangers v Burnley Town (u13)  
 13th Sep 17 AccRoss v Fowler Football Academy  
 11th Sep 17 Blackpool v Lancashire SFA (Boys u16)  
 9th Sep 17 Feniscowles v Whalley (u16s)  
 3rd Sep 17 Mill Hill v Globe (u14s 1st Half) Woolridge  
 3rd Sep 17 ELFA Matches at Woolridge  
 30th Aug 17 Sellect Soccer (Goalkeeper Special) [PRIVATE] (4709) 
 26th Aug 17 Forbes BwD Councl Footy Tournament (finals)  
 19th Aug 17 Rosegrove Juniors fc at ASFC v MTFC  
 30th Jul 17 Inter Madrassah Tournament  
 28th Jul 17 NB International Junior Cup (FRI)  
 27th Jul 17 NB International Junior Cup (Thu)  
 9th Jul 17 Unite the Community football fest (witton park)  
 22nd Jun 17 SELECT SOCCER Feature  
 12th Jun 17 St.John's v Briercliffe (Hartley u11 Cup)  
 1st Jun 17 Globe Mums v Globe u12s boys  
 24th May 17 Morecambe High v St George (u14 Kay cup Final)  
 23rd May 17 Keighley Cup (Turf Moor)  
 22nd May 17 Rossendale v West Lancashire (u15 district final)  
 21st May 17 Darwen Rangers v Blackburn All stars (u13 Final)  
 19th May 17 Preston v West Lancashire (u11 district Final)  
 17th May 17 Burnley v Rossendale (u14 Wrennall cup)  
 16th May 17 Blackburn schools finals (morning only)  
 14th May 17 Mill Hill v Ross Valley Tigers (u14 final)  
 14th May 17 Darwen Rangers v Todmorden SC (u14 Final)  
 6th May 17 Lancashire v Cleveland (Boys u16 Final)  
 29th Apr 17 Globe v Streets (u 13 Cup final)  
 23rd Apr 17 Padiham saints v Mill Hill Blue (u10 Final)  
 23rd Apr 17 Todmorden SC Warriors v Great Harwood (u9 Final)  
 22nd Apr 17 Pendle v West Lancashire (boys u11)  
 8th Apr 17 Oswaldtwistle Hawks at ASFC  
 1st Apr 17 Hesketh Bank v Lancon (u8s)  
 28th Mar 17 GLOBE at Accy Colchester  
 28th Mar 17 Lancashire v Berkshire (Boys u14 SF)  
 24th Mar 17 SELECT SOCCER Feature  
 24th Mar 17 LSFA Girls u12 football Finals  
 19th Mar 17 Rossendale Valley Ossy Rangers (u18 cup)  
 18th Mar 17 Lancashire v Northumberland (Boys u16 SF)  
 11th Mar 17 Feniscowles v Globe Bullough (u15 cup SF)  
 5th Mar 17 Todmorden SC v Readstone Utd (u15 cup)  
 26th Feb 17 Wilpshire Wdrs v Barrowford (u12s Cup)  
 18th Feb 17 ASFC v Colchester Mill Hill u7s MASCOTS  
 18th Feb 17 Rishton utd v Wilpshire W (u10 SF)  
 18th Feb 17 Blackburn Eagles v GT Harwood Rovers (u9 SF)  
 18th Feb 17 Wilpshire W RED v Clitheroe W BLUE (u9 SF)  
 18th Feb 17 Wilpshire W BLUE v Whalley (u10 SF)  
 18th Feb 17 Blackburn Eagles v Langho Jrs (u9 SF)  
 18th Feb 17 ADJFL u9s and u10s Cup SF (9am KO)  
 12th Feb 17 ASFC Football Festival (u10s)  
 11th Feb 17 Globe Lions v Great Harwood Green (u9s)  
 4th Feb 17 ASFC v Notts County Globe u8 MASCOTS  
 3rd Feb 17 Lancashire v Merseyside (Boys u14 QF)  
 29th Jan 17 Bullough park at BRIC  
 27th Jan 17 Padiham Saints v St Josephs Red (u13s)  
 25th Jan 17 Hyndburn v Burnley (u11s Town teams)  
 24th Jan 17 Lancashire v Merseyside (u16 Boys)  
 21st Jan 17 Hyndburn & RV Kids Cup Final  
 21st Jan 17 Daneshouse v Feniscowles & Pleassy (u14)  
 15th Jan 17 Oswaldtwistle Hawks (Soccerdome)  
 14th Jan 17 Mill Hill Blue v Clitheroe Wolves - White (u11)  
 14th Jan 17 Mill Hill Red v Blackburn All Stars (u11 cup)  
 11th Jan 17 Blackburn Rovers v Aston Villa (Youth Cup)  
 8th Jan 17 Whalley v Nelson (u12s)  
 7th Jan 17 AHF FC Tournament (Soccerdome)  
 18th Dec 16 AFC Darwen v Walshaw (u16)  
 13th Dec 16 Burnley v Bradford City FA Youth cup  
 10th Dec 16 Padiham Saints v Globe BP (u13s)  
 7th Dec 16 AccRoss v Lancaster & Morecambe  
 4th Dec 16 Mill Hill (u7s)  
 2nd Dec 16 Streets v Clitheroe Wolves blue (u13)  
 2nd Dec 16 Globe Bullough Park v Crown Paints (u13)First half  
 1st Dec 16 Clitheroe Grammer v Queensland (Boys)  
 30th Nov 16 Huddersfield Town u14s v Queensland (Boys)  
 27th Nov 16 Scottish Youth FA v Queensland (Boys)  
 26th Nov 16 St Josephs (red) v Wilpshire Wand (u13s)  
 25th Nov 16 Ashton Mersey v Queensland (Boys)  
 19th Nov 16 Lancashire v Cleveland (u14 boys)  
 18th Nov 16 Westholme Schools football tourn [Redeemer]  
 12th Nov 16 LSFA u11s District Team Tournament  
 8th Nov 16 Blackburn Schools Jubilee finals  
 5th Nov 16 Streets v Crown Paints (u13)  
 29th Oct 16 Accrington Community v Great Harwood Rovers (u14s)  
 17th Oct 16 Hyndburn Schools y3/4 Football Comp  
 16th Oct 16 AHF FC Purple v AFC Darwen (u10)  
 16th Oct 16 AHF FC v Blackburn Eagles (u11s)  
 16th Oct 16 AHF FC Red v AFC Clarets (u9s)  
 16th Oct 16 AHF FC Blue v Blackburn Eagles Blue (u8s)  
 16th Oct 16 AHF FC Yellow v Colne Dynamoes (u9s)  
 11th Oct 16 Lancashire v West Yorkshire (Boys u16)  
 1st Oct 16 Blackburn Eagles fc v Globe Lions fc (u9s)  
 25th Sep 16 Feniscowles Red V Langho Red (u13s)  
 24th Sep 16 AHF FC Team pic day  
 23rd Sep 16 Ribble Valley Schools Football Comp  
 18th Sep 16 Readstone v Rossendale Valley (ELFA u15s)  
 10th Sep 16 Fulledge Colts v Junior Gardeners (u11s)  
 9th Sep 16 Mill Hill Junior team pic (Ewood Park)  
 4th Sep 16 Globe Bullough v BRFC Girls (u12s @ Bullough)  
 4th Sep 16 Globe Bullough v BRFC Girls (u10s @ Bullough)  
 3rd Sep 16 Mill Hill v Whalley Juniors (u12s)  
 27th Aug 16 Blackburn with Darwen Football Festival  
 20th Aug 16 Belvedere Junior pre season tournament  
 13th Aug 16 ASFC v FC Westchester (Academy Football)  
 17th Jul 16 AHF FC Part Two (BBQ and Fun Day)  
 17th Jul 16 AHF FC Part One (Mostly Football and Bits)  
 11th Jun 16 Preston v West Lancs (u11 boys cup final)  
 13th May 16 Blackburn Year 6 football Ewood park [Redeemer]  
 12th May 16 Keighley Cup Final  
 12th May 16 Padiham v Wellfield (SSP Girls cup final)  
 12th May 16 St James v Wellfield (Boys Hartley Cup Final)  
 12th May 16 Blackburn Schools St Bede's v Pleckgate (y10 Final)  
 12th May 16 Blackburn Schools St Bede's v DACA (y9 Final)  
 9th May 16 Burnley v Rossendale (u15 District lancs cup Final)  
 9th May 16 Chorley v Rossendale (u14 Wrennall Cup final)  
 6th May 16 St Bedes (Blackburn) v Ormskirk (u15 open final)  
 6th May 16 Lytham St.Annes v Blessed Trinity (u13 open Final)  
 3rd May 16 LRGS v DACA (u19 Open Final)  
 3rd May 16 Broughton v DACA (u14 open Final)  
 24th Apr 16 F.C. Strikerz v Lancaster City (LFA u12 Final)  
 22nd Apr 16 Furness Rovers V Atherton Town (LFA u15 Final)  
 14th Apr 16 PUMA Kit launch (Wolverhampton) [PRIVATE] (4108) 
 6th Apr 16 Mill Hill v Rishton United (u14s)  
 3rd Apr 16 Elton Vale v Ashton Athletic (LFA u18 Final)  
 26th Mar 16 Pendle v Blackburn (District Boys u11 cup)  
 20th Mar 16 Poulton v Holker Old Boys (LFA u13 Final)  
 20th Mar 16 Charnock Richard v Langho (LFA u16 Final)  
 20th Mar 16 Thornton Cleveleys v BAC/EE Preston (LFA u14 Final)  
 28th Feb 16 Readstone v Oswaldtwistle Hawks (Boys u15s)  
 27th Feb 16 Streets v Rishton United (Boys u12)  
 13th Feb 16 Wilpshire Wand Red v Wilpshire Wand Blue (u15)  
 13th Feb 16 St Josephs White v Oswaldtwistle St Mary's (u12)  
 12th Feb 16 Blackburn Rovers Junior Goalkeeper Trials  
 7th Feb 16 Darwen Rangers v Barrowford Celtic (Boys u14)  
 16th Jan 16 ESFA Danone cup u11s  
 9th Jan 16 Wilpshire W Red v Huncoat Juniors (u16s)  
 5th Jan 16 Lancashire v Staffordshire (boys u14)  
 5th Jan 16 Lancashire v Worcestershire (u16)  
 3rd Jan 16 Lancs Girls (u14) v Pendle Forest Boys (u13)  
 15th Dec 15 Lancashire v Cheshire (u16 Boys - JMO)  
 12th Dec 15 Lancashire v Cumbria (u18 Boys - JMO)  
 7th Dec 15 Lancashire v Cheshire (Boys u18 -JMO)  
 2nd Dec 15 Queensland u15s at Platts Manchester  
 30th Nov 15 Sunderland Academy v Queensland (u15)  
 30th Nov 15 Queensland Training/Newcastle Stadium  
 29th Nov 15 Scottish Youth FA v S Queensland (u15 Boys)  
 23rd Nov 15 Lancashire v Derbyshire (u16s ESFA Trophy)  
 14th Nov 15 LSFA Inter district u11s  
 13th Nov 15 Lancashire v West Midlands (u18 Boys)  
 10th Nov 15 Accrington Stanley v Basford utd (u18 FA Cup )  
 3rd Nov 15 Blackburn Schools Jubilee Shield.  
 30th Oct 15 Accrington Stanley v Knowsley (u14s)  
 28th Oct 15 Accrington Stanley v North Liverpool (u15s)  
 28th Oct 15 ESFA u11s regional tournament (FINALS)  
 28th Oct 15 ESFA u11s regional tournament (ROUNDS)  
 19th Oct 15 Hyndburn schools y3/4 football finals  
 17th Oct 15 Wilpshire Red v Ossy rangers u16s  
 16th Oct 15 Ribble Valley schools y3/4 football finals  
 11th Oct 15 Blackburn All Stars v Haslingden St Marys (U18s)  
 4th Oct 15 Mil Hill v BJFF (Lancs FA u13s cup)  
 27th Sep 15 Colne v Fulledge Colts (u15s) LFA  
 27th Sep 15 Colne v Hyndburn Youth u13s  
 26th Sep 15 Blackburn Rovers v Everton u18s  
 19th Sep 15 Accrington Boys SA v Blackburn Eagles (u13)  
 19th Sep 15 ASFC Pendle forest & Blackburn Eagles  
 13th Sep 15 Feniscowles Blue v Globe BP Bulls (u12 boys)  
 12th Sep 15 AHF FC Team pics at Ewood Park  
 11th Sep 15 Mill Hill Jnr Team Pics at Ewood Park  
 31st Jul 15 Nottingham Cup (football tournament)  
 30th Jul 15 Nottingham Cup (football tournament)  
 29th Jul 15 Nottingham Cup (football tournament)  
 28th Jul 15 Nottingham Cup (football tournament)  
 8th Jul 15 Blackburn schools yr 3&4 Football festival  
 20th Jun 15 Great Harwood Football Tournament  
 13th Jun 15 AHF FC Soccerdome tournament PART ONE  
 13th Jun 15 AHF FC Soccerdome tournament PART TWO  
 12th Jun 15 Hyndburn v Preston (u11s cup final)  
 6th Jun 15 Hyndburn v Chorley (u11 cup SF)  
 21st May 15 Blackpool v Preston u15s Lancashire Cup Final  
 21st May 15 Burnley v Chorley Boys u14 Wrennall Cup Final  
 19th May 15 Burnley Schools Keighley Cup final  
 19th May 15 Wellfield v Worsthorne (Hartley cup Final)  
 15th May 15 PRO Football training (Myrescough) [PRIVATE]  
 10th May 15 Globe v Rossendale u14s Trophy Final  
 5th May 15 Blackburn Schools y7 football Final  
 5th May 15 Blackburn Schools y8 football Final  
 3rd May 15 ASFC Academy v Dragons u10  
 3rd May 15 ASFC Academy v Rosegrove u9  
 26th Apr 15 Ribbleton v Bispham Junior (u12 LFA Final)  
 23rd Apr 15 Central Lancaster v Corpus Christi (boys u14 Final)  
 22nd Apr 15 CRGS v Baines (boys u19 Final)  
 22nd Apr 15 DACA v Southlands (Boys u13 Final)  
 19th Apr 15 Rossendale Utd v Lammack (u16 Cup Final)  
 18th Apr 15 ASFC Academy Day  
 15th Apr 15 Hesketh Bank v Croston Jnrs (u16)  
 13th Apr 15 Globe Bullough v St Joseph red (u11s)  
 11th Apr 15 Greyhound v Clitheroe Wolves (u14 Cup SF)  
 4th Apr 15 Pleasington match Officials  
 22nd Mar 15 Thornton Cleveleys v Daisy Hil (LFA u18 CF)  
 22nd Mar 15 Fleetwood v Whalley (u13s Cup Final)  
 21st Mar 15 Athletico Failsworth v Broadway Celtic (u12s)  
 11th Mar 15 Pendle schools y5/6 Football Finals  
 8th Mar 15 Barnoldswick v Ladybridge (u11s cup SF)  
 1st Mar 15 AFC Darwen v Rishton United (u16s)  
 1st Mar 15 Accrington Stanley v Bury (u10s)  
 1st Mar 15 Accrington Stanley v Bury (u12s)  
 24th Feb 15 Blackburn Schools y 5/6 Football Fest  
 20th Feb 15 Liverpool Academy v Seacoast Maine  
 19th Feb 15 Man Utd u18s v Seacoast Maine  
 14th Feb 15 Ossy Rangers v Rossy United (u15s)  
 12th Feb 15 Lancashire v West Yorkshire u16s Boys  
 9th Feb 15 Cheshire v Lancashire (u18s Boys)  
 7th Feb 15 Danone cup u11s PART ONE  
 7th Feb 15  Danone cup u11s PART TWO  
 31st Jan 15 Globe charity Onzie football  
 14th Jan 15 Pendle schools Danone Cup PO  
 11th Jan 15 Whalley v Thornton Cleveleys (LFA Cup SF u13s)  
 4th Jan 15 Feniscowles v Crown (Under 10s)  
 21st Dec 14 Lammack v Badgers (u15s Boys football)  
 14th Dec 14 Fulledge v Langho (u15s)  
 30th Nov 14 Fulledge Colts v Darwen Spartans (Boys u14s)  
 26th Nov 14 Lancashire v Merseyside (County Boy u16s)  
 12th Nov 14 Lancs v Shropshire (Boys u14 1st Half)  
 12th Nov 14 Lancs v Shropshire (Boys u16 2nd Half)  
 4th Nov 14 Blackburn schools Jubilee Shield finals..  
 1st Nov 14 Whalley v Globe Bullough (u13s)  
 25th Oct 14 Greyhound v Rishton u13s  
 22nd Oct 14 Fleetwood v Accrington Stanley (u18s FA Cup)  
 6th Oct 14 Hyndburn Schools y5/6 football  
 5th Oct 14 Readstone v AFC Darwen (u14s ELFA)  
 3rd Oct 14 Ribble Valley Schools y5/6 football  
 10th Sep 14 Ossy Rangers v Rishton Utd (u15s)  
 23rd Aug 14 Forbes Jnr Football Tournament  
 1st Aug 14 Warrior Keele Cup (Friday)  
 31st Jul 14 Warrior Keele Cup (Thursday)  
 30th Jul 14 Warrior Keele Cup (Wednesday)  
 29th Jul 14 Warrior Keele Cup (Tuesday)  
 25th Jun 14 Hyndburn Schools Primary World Cup  
 22nd May 14 DACA 1st XI v DACA 2nd XI (Lancs u19s cup Final)  
 21st May 14 Mill Hill v Lammack (u14 East Lancs Final)  
 18th May 14 Darwen Rangers v Blackburn Eagles (u15 final)  
 15th May 14 Preston v Hyndburn RV (u14s Wrennal Cup)  
 15th May 14 West Lancs v Blackburn Dis (u15 Lancs final)  
 7th May 14 Blessed Trinity v Unity (Keighley Cup final)  
 7th May 14 Wellfield v St John's (Hartley Cup final)  
 1st May 14 St Bedes v St Wilfrids (y8 Final)  
 1st May 14 St Bedes v Darwen Vale (y7 Final)  
 30th Apr 14 DACA v St bedes (yr9 Final)  
 30th Apr 14 Darwen Vale v St Bedes (y10 Final)  
 27th Apr 14 Fulledge Colts v Great Harwood (U14s Final)  
 26th Apr 14 Rishton v Wilpshire Blue (u11s final)  
 22nd Apr 14 Burnley v Blackburn (u11 Town teams)  
 12th Apr 14 Whalley Jnrs v Mill Hill Red (Under 12s)  
 22nd Mar 14 Rishton U v Wilpshire W (u10s Cup SF)  
 19th Mar 14 Pendle Schools y5/6 boys Football Final  
 4th Mar 14 Pendle Schools u13s MLD football  
 22nd Feb 14 Greyhound Jnr v Mill Hill Red (u12s)  
 12th Feb 14 Burnley Schools Football Festival  
 8th Feb 14 ADJFL (Soccerdome)  
 2nd Feb 14 ASFC v Blackpool (Academy u12s)  
 25th Jan 14 Whalley v Fenny & Plessy u12s  
 17th Jan 14 Blackburn Schools DACA v St Wilfrid's (y9 final)  
 12th Jan 14 ASFC v Rochdale (Under 10s)  
 7th Jan 14 Lancashire v Staffordshire (u16 Boys Football)  
 4th Jan 14 Globe Bullough Park v Clitheroe Wolves (u12s)  
 18th Dec 13 Accrington Stanley v P.N.E.. (Academy u16s )  
 14th Dec 13 St Marys Ossy (Npower kids Cup)  
 10th Dec 13 Blackburn v Burnley u11s (Town Teams)  
 1st Dec 13 Huncoat United v Rishton United (u10s)  
 17th Nov 13 ASFC v Tranmere (Academy u12s)  
 17th Nov 13 ASFC v Tranmere (Academy u10s)  
 5th Nov 13 Blackburn Schools Jubilee Shield  
 2nd Nov 13 Badgers FC v Oswaldtwistle Rangers (u14s)  
 21st Oct 13 Hyndburn Schools y 5/6 Football Tourn  
 20th Oct 13 Accrington Stanley v Chester (Academy u15s )  
 19th Oct 13 Wilpshire W Black v Mill Hill (u9s)  
 19th Oct 13 Wilpshire W Blue v Todmorden (u9s)  
 13th Oct 13 Readstone Utd v Barnoldswick Town (u14s)  
 6th Oct 13 Accrington Stanley v Burnley (u13)  
 6th Oct 13 Accrington Stanley v Burnley (u11)  
 5th Oct 13 Whalley v Mill hill u12s  
 29th Sep 13 Accrington Stanley v Carlisle Utd (u14 Academy)  
 29th Sep 13 Accrington Stanley v Carlisle Utd (u12 Academy)  
 28th Sep 13 Greyhound v Rishton utd (Under 12s)  
 22nd Sep 13 Darwen Rangers Blue v Blackburn Utd (u11s)  
 22nd Sep 13 Darwen Rangers Blue v Feniscowles (u12s)  
 15th Sep 13 ASFC v Blackpool (Academy u13s)  
 15th Sep 13 ASFC v Blackpool (Academy u11s)  
 15th Sep 13 ASFC v Blackpool (Academy u9s)  
 8th Sep 13 Accrington Stanley v Walsall (Academy u15s)  
 1st Sep 13 Accrington Stanley v Bury (Academy u14)  
 1st Sep 13 Accrington Stanley v Bury (Academy u11)  
 1st Sep 13 Accrington Stanley v Bury (Academy u9)  
 24th Aug 13 Forbes Football Tournament  
 18th May 13 Brinscall Yellow v Red u8s Football  
 15th May 13 Hyndburn v Blackburn (Wrennal Cup u14s)  
 10th May 13 St Marys Thorpe Cup Lineups  
 3rd May 13 Blackburn y11 Football Final  
 2nd May 13 Blackburn y9 & y10 Football Finals  
 30th Apr 13 Burnley Primary Schools Football Finals  
 29th Apr 13 Blackburn y7 & y8 Football Finals  
 21st Apr 13 Wythnshawe v Bolton Indians (u12s LFA Final)  
 21st Apr 13 Cadley v Mill Hill (u13s LFA Final)  
 30th Mar 13 Manchester Easter Festival u10s  
 30th Mar 13 Manchester Easter Festival u11s  
 30th Mar 13 Manchester Easter Festival u15s  
 21st Mar 13 North Chadderton v Southport (LFA u18 Final)  
 15th Mar 13 Bamber Bridge v BAC Preston (u14s county final)  
 7th Mar 13 Mill Hill v Bolton Lads (County u15s final)  
 3rd Mar 13 Accrington Stanley v Oldham CofE u12  
 3rd Mar 13 Accrington Stanley v Oldham CofE u10  
 1st Mar 13 Blackburn Eagles v Rossendale utd FC (u14s)  
 21st Feb 13 Lancashire v Humberside (u18 Boys Football)  
 19th Feb 13 Lancashire v Merseyside (u16 Boys Football)  
 14th Feb 13 Hyndburn Schools y7 Football Finals  
 9th Feb 13 Greyhound v Brierfield Celtic u14s  
 9th Feb 13 Helmshore v st Annes (nPower Final @ ASFC)  
 3rd Feb 13 East Lancs FA and FA Cup  
 17th Jan 13 Darwen Vale v St Bedes y7 Football Finals  
 12th Jan 13 Accrington Stanley v Morecambe (u18s)  
 22nd Dec 12 GLOBE at Accy v Plymouth  
 17th Dec 12 DACA v Witton Year10 Football Finals  
 16th Dec 12 Accrington Stanley v Preston N.E.CofE (u14)  
 16th Dec 12 Accrington Stanley v Preston N.E.CofE (u16)  
 5th Dec 12 ACCROSS Boys v Wigan Leigh College  
 22nd Nov 12 Blackburn Schools yr7 5 aside Football Comp  
 18th Nov 12 Accrington Stanley v Man City CofE (u11)  
 18th Nov 12 Accrington Stanley v Man City CofE (u10)  
 18th Nov 12 Accrington Stanley v Man City CofE (u9)  
 14th Nov 12 ACCROSS Boys v Wellacre (Football)  
 13th Nov 12 Blackburn Darwen Jubilee Cup  
 4th Nov 12 Accrington Stanley v Burnley CofE (u11)  
 4th Nov 12 Accrington Stanley v Burnley CofE (u9)  
 10th Oct 12 ACCROSS Boys v Lancaster Morecambe  
 10th Oct 12 Hyndburn Schools Prim football (Hollins)  
 6th Oct 12 Warrington Boys v Nansett IL (Norway)  
 28th Sep 12 Fern Gore Football Cup PART2  
 28th Sep 12 Fern Gore Football Cup PART1  
 19th Sep 12 ACCROSS Boys v Newcastle U Lyne  
 16th Sep 12 Accrington Stanley v Wrexham CofE u16s  
 2nd Sep 12 Accrington Stanley v Rochdale CofE u14s  
 1st Sep 12 Accrington Stanley u18s v Fleetwood u18s  
 11th Jul 12 Feniscowles Football Tourn Yr 3&4 (PART 1)  
 11th Jul 12 Feniscowles Football Tourn Yr 3&4 (PART 2)  
 4th Jul 12 Accrington & District Football Comp  
 4th Jul 12 Accrington & District Football Comp PITCH 2  
 4th Jul 12 Accrington & District Football Comp PITCH 1  
 22nd May 12 Blackburn Darwen Boys FOOTBALL FINAL  
 9th May 12 Blackburn Rovers v Chelsea (FA Youth CF)  
 8th May 12 Blessed Trinity v Shuttleworth Col (Keighley Cup)  
 6th May 12 Accrington Stanley v Rochdale CofE u15s (Part)  
 6th May 12 Accrington Stanley v Rochdale CofE u14s  
 6th May 12 Accrington Stanley v Rochdale CofE u13s  
 6th May 12 Accrington Stanley v Rochdale CofE u12s  
 6th May 12 Accrington Stanley v Rochdale CofE u11s  
 6th May 12 Accrington Stanley v Rochdale CofE u10s  
 6th May 12 Accrington Stanley v Rochdale CofE u9s  
 2nd May 12 PNE v Burnley (Lancashire youth cup Final)  
 29th Apr 12 ADJFL u10s Final at Clitheroe  
 29th Apr 12 ADJFL u9s Final at Clitheroe  
 28th Apr 12 ADJFL u14s Final at Clitheroe (first half)  
 28th Apr 12 ADJFL u15s Final at Clitheroe  
 31st Mar 12 ADJFL Mini football tournament u7s  
 31st Mar 12 ADJFL Mini football tournament u8s  
 28th Mar 12 Darwen Vale v QEGS (Cup Final)  
 28th Mar 12 St Wilfrids v Our Lady (Cup Final)  
 27th Mar 12 St Wilfrids v Darwen Vale (y8 Cup Final)  
 27th Mar 12 Witton v St Bedes (y9 Cup Final)  
 26th Mar 12 St Wilfrids v Darwen Vale (y11 Final)  
 23rd Mar 12 Tyldesley Juniors v Mill Hill (LFA u12s Final)  
 23rd Mar 12 Darwen V v Our Lady S of P (Cup SF)  
 18th Mar 12 ASFC u11s and u12s CofE  
 16th Mar 12 South Shore Youth v Mill Hill (LFA u14 Final)  
 9th Mar 12 Lytham JFC v Ladybridge FC Boys County Cup u13  
 5th Mar 12 Walshaw JFC v Bolton BSS FC County Cup u16 Boys  
 4th Mar 12 Accrington CofE v Burnley u9s  
 1st Mar 12 St Helens v Lytham St Annes (u15 Cup Final)  
 26th Feb 12 Accrington CofE v Bradford u12s  
 19th Feb 12 Accrington CofE v PNE u15s  
 11th Feb 12 Globe BP v Rishton u8s (Soccerdome)  
 6th Feb 12 Blackburn Rovers v Stoke City (FA Youth cup)  
 29th Jan 12 Accrington CofE v Rochdale u13s  
 29th Jan 12 Accrington CofE v Rochdale u15s  
 22nd Jan 12 Accrington CofE v Macclesfield u13s  
 22nd Jan 12 Accrington CofE v Macclesfield u15s  
 11th Dec 11 ASFC u9s u10s u11s and u12s  
 11th Dec 11 ASFC u13s v ASFC u14s  
 27th Nov 11 ASFC v Macclesfield u12s CofE  
 27th Nov 11 ASFC v Macclesfield u16s CofE  
 23rd Nov 11 Blackburn Darwen FOOTBALL (Soccerdome)  
 9th Nov 11 Church FC Team pics 2004-2011  
 1st Nov 11 Jubilee Cup Primary FOOTBALL (Blackburn)  
 22nd Oct 11 Ossy Rangers v Great Harwood u12  
 9th Oct 11 ASFC CofE v Bradford u13s  
 11th Sep 11 ASFC CofE Team Pictures (u9 TO u16)  
 10th Sep 11 Wilpshire Wanderers v Great Harwood (u9s)  
 27th Aug 11 Huncoat Jnrs at Acrington Stanley  
 27th Jun 11 Hyndburn FOOTBALL (at Hollins)  
 23rd Jun 11 Huncoat Presentations  
 28th May 11 Blackburn v Morecambe u11 Boys  
 8th May 11 BaxendenV v DynomosSP u16  
 8th May 11 Greyhound v Rossendale u12  
 2nd May 11 ASFC CofE v Rochdale u15  
 2nd May 11 ASFC CofE v Rochdale u13  
 2nd May 11 ASFC CofE v Rochdale u12  
 2nd May 11 ASFC CofE v Rochdale u14  
 2nd May 11 ASFC CofE v Rochdale u9 and u10  
 2nd May 11 ASFC CofE v Rochdale u11  
 30th Apr 11 Huncoat Rossendale u11s  
 30th Apr 11 PendleForest v AFC Darwen  
 28th Apr 11 Blackpool v Craven  
 26th Apr 11 Wigan v Blackpool u12s  
 7th Apr 11 SouthLans v Preston District u18  
 1st Apr 11 St Marys Thorpe cup  
 31st Mar 11 EastLancs Barrow u16  
 25th Mar 11 South Shore v ST Annes u14  
 21st Mar 11 Ashton v Ulverton u18s  
 17th Mar 11 Aston v Highgrove u16  
 4th Mar 11 Ladybridge v Holker OB (LFA U12s CF)  
 1st Mar 11 Oswaldtwistle v Crown  
 20th Feb 11 Mill Hill v Ossy Rangers u14s  
 12th Feb 11 Rishton v Church u15s  
 10th Feb 11 Myerscough JFDC v Mill Hill FC (u15s)  
 28th Jan 11 Darwen Rangers FUTSAL  
 9th Dec 10 Blackburn Rovers v Reading (Youth FA Cup)  
 14th Nov 10 ELFA u7s Soccerrdome Blackburn  
 30th Oct 10 Greyhound v Wilpshire (u9s)  
 17th Oct 10 ASFC CofE Team Pics All ages  
 2nd Oct 10 Mill Hill v Burnley Belvedere (u15s)  
 16th Sep 10 Lammack v Mellor (u14s)  
 12th Sep 10 2010 - u14s Team pics Rishton Mill Hill & Mellor  
 24th Jun 10 Huncoat Utd Jnrs Presentations  
 22nd May 10 Gt Harwood Tournament (9.30 - 10.30)  
 22nd May 10 Gt Harwood Tournament (10.30 - 11.30)  
 22nd May 10 Gt Harwood Tournament (11.30 - 13.00)  
 22nd May 10 Gt Harwood Tournament (Morning Presentations)  
 22nd May 10 Gt Harwood Tournament (Afternoon 1)  
 22nd May 10 Gt Harwood Tournament (Afternoon 2)  
 16th May 10 Wilpshire v Huncoat (u9s Cup Final)  
 16th May 10 Rossendale v Fulledge (u10s Cup Final)  
 16th May 10 Darwen v Huncoat (u11 Cup Final)  
 9th May 10 Accrington v Rochdale CofE U9s  
 9th May 10 Accrington v Rochdale CofE U10s  
 9th May 10 Accrington v Rochdale CofE U11s  
 9th May 10 Accrington v Rochdale CofE U12s  
 9th May 10 Accrington v Rochdale CofE U13s  
 9th May 10 Accrington v Rochdale CofE U14s  
 3rd May 10 St Josephs v Pendle Forest (u16 final)  
 2nd May 10 Wilpshire v Rossendale (u12 cup final)  
 2nd May 10 Church v Mill Hill Red (u14 Cup Final)  
 26th Apr 10 East Lancs v Preston & District (u18s)  
 25th Apr 10 Clitheroe Wolves v Crown Paints (u9s CUP FINAL)  
 25th Apr 10 Darwen white v Huncoat Badgers (u10s)  
 23rd Apr 10 East Lancs v Blackpool & District (u16s)  
 15th Apr 10 Greyhound Ford v Blue Star (u15s)  
 3rd Apr 10 Rishton v Wilpshire (u15s)  
 27th Mar 10 Rishton v Greyhound (u9s)  
 20th Mar 10 Wilpshire v Church (u11s)  
 17th Mar 10 Blackburn Rovers v Chelsea - u18s  
 6th Mar 10 Rishton Utd v Church FC (U12s)  
 1st Mar 10 Blackburn Rovers v Everton - u18s  
 27th Feb 10 Greyound Ford BLUE v RED u11s  
 6th Feb 10 Church u13 v Huncoat u13  
 4th Feb 10 Mill Hill v Ladybridge u12 Cup Final  
 24th Jan 10 Church u14 v Mill Hill u14  
 16th Dec 09 Accrington Stanley v Morecambe (u18s)  
 26th Sep 09 Littleborough Jnrs v Nordby IL  
 9th Sep 09 Greyhound Ford Blue v Red u11s  
 24th Aug 09 Rochdale FC C of E Induction  
 13th Jun 09 Great Harwood Junior Football Tournament  
 6th Jun 09 LANGHO Tournament Saturday  
 3rd May 09 C of E Accrington v Rochdale u9s/u10s  
 3rd May 09 C of E Accrington v Rochdale u11s  
 3rd May 09 C of E Accrington v Rochdale u12s  
 3rd May 09 C of E Accrington v Rochdale u13s  
 3rd May 09 C of E Accrington v Rochdale u14s  
 3rd May 09 C of E Accrington v Rochdale u15s  
 3rd May 09 C of E Accrington v Rochdale (Dads)  
 22nd Apr 09 PNE v Burnley LFA Youth Cup  
 21st Mar 09 Church u16 v Crown Orange u16  
 17th Mar 09 Phil Hackney Presentation to u18s  
 7th Mar 09 Church u13 v Langho u13  
 13th Jan 09 P.N.E. v Sunderland FA Youth Cup  
 25th Oct 08 Borrowdale utd v Church FC  
 23rd Oct 08 Church FC Teams Pic  
 11th Oct 08 Feniscowles v Church FC  
 3rd May 08 Accy v Bury GlobeBP Macots  
 9th Mar 08 Manchester Cup  
 8th Mar 08 Accrington Stanley v Macclesfield (u18s)  
 23rd Sep 06 Church Blue v Church White (U11s)  
 12th Aug 06 Accrington Stanley v Chester (u18)  
 3rd Apr 06 Greyhound Ford Jrs  
 2nd Jul 05 Haslingden Footy Tournament  
 22nd Nov 04 Accrington Stanley v Morecambe U18  
 8th Nov 04 Accrington Stanley v Radcliffe U18  
 18th Oct 04 Accrington Stanley Ramsbottom Utd u18  
 9th Oct 04 JFC Dynamos v Church  
 2nd Oct 04 Church v Nelson  
 1st Jan 03 Church v Rishton