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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

Lancashire FA Leyland.
Lancashire FA Leyland.
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 19th May 21 Highfield SC v Hunters & Ingol (LFA Sun TropHy Final) (6146) 
 18th May 21 FC St Helens v Lostock St Gerards (LFA Shield Final) (6145) 
 17th May 21 Milton v Southport & Ainsdale (LFA Cup Final) (6144) 
 16th May 21 Bolton Wand P v P Burnley (LFA Womens Cup Final) (6143) 
 16th May 21 Wigan Ath P v P Morecambe (LFA Pro youth Cup Final) (6142) 
 25th Oct 20 AFC Darwen V Atherton Colleries (LFA u16 Final)  
 25th Oct 20 Pennington v Ribbleton (LFA u15 Final)  
 24th Oct 20 Hawcoat Park v Fullwood Amateurs (LFA u14s Final)  
 24th Oct 20 FC Strikerz v Lune Valley Jrs (LFA u13s Final)  
 15th Oct 20 Blackpool v Chorley (LFA Girls u18 Final)  
 11th Oct 20 Sir TomFinney V Southport & Ainsdale (LFA SF)  
 11th Oct 20 Blackpool v Fleetwood Town (LFA Girls u15 Final)  
 11th Oct 20 Blackpool Girls v Wigan Ladies (LFA girls u14 Final)  
 10th Oct 20 FC Clarets v Lytham Juniors (LFA u12s Final)  
 7th Oct 20 PDA Academy v Ramsbottom Utd (LFA u18 Final)  
 30th Sep 20 Haslingden v North Lancs (LFA Womens Final)  
 11th Mar 20 Lancaster City v Atherton (LFA CT SF 1)  
 4th Mar 20 Bamber Bridge v Prestwich Heys (LFA Challenge SF 2)  
 5th Feb 20 FC St Helens v Tempest United (LFA AS SF 1)  
 28th Jan 20 PNE v BRFC (LFA Senior SF 1)  
 15th May 19 PNE Womens v Hindley Jnrs LFA Girls u14 Final  
 14th May 19 Lostock Hall v PNE Women LFA Girls u13 Final  
 12th May 19 LFA Girls u12 Youth Cup Final  
 12th May 19 LFA Under 12 Youth Cup Final  
 9th May 19 Blackburn Rovers v Fylde (LFA Womens Final)  
 8th May 19 Elton Vale v Leigh Foundry (LFA Amatuer Cup Final)  
 7th May 19 Burnley v Blackburn Rovers (LFA senior final)  
 2nd May 19 Crown Paints v Eleven Sports Media (LFA ST Final)  
 1st May 19 Thornton Clev v Turton (LFA Amatuer Shield Final)  
 28th Apr 19 Padiham v Winstanley Warriors (LFA u21 Final)  
 28th Apr 19 Hindsford v Bamber Bridge (LFA u16 Final)  
 28th Apr 19 Ribbleton v Penwortham (LFA u14 Final)  
 25th Apr 19 Blackburn & Darwen v Burnley (LFA Girls u16 Final)  
 24th Apr 19 Bury v Blackpool (LFA Girls u18 Final)  
 20th Apr 19 PNE v Wigan Ath (LFA Pro Youth Cup Final)  
 10th Apr 19 Acregate Ln Labour Club v Crown Paints (LFA ST SF)  
 7th Apr 19 Haslingden v Tom Finney (LFA Womens Trophy Final)  
 7th Apr 19 Nelson v Bury Dev (LFA Womens Plate Final)  
 24th Mar 19 Southport v AFC Fylde (LFA Boys u18 CF)  
 24th Mar 19 Atherton Collieries v Team Elite (LFA Boys u15 CF)  
 24th Mar 19 Walshaw Sports v Southport (LFA boys u13 CF)  
 21st Mar 19 Wigan Ath v Golborne (LFA Girls u15 CF)  
 20th Mar 19 Ribbleton v Eleven Sports Media (LFA ST SF)  
 6th Mar 19 Old Mancunians v Elton Vale (LFA AC SF)  
 27th Feb 19 Southport v Ashton Athletic (LFA CT SF)  
 20th Feb 19 Colne v Bamber Bridge (LFA CT SF)  
 20th Feb 19 Burnley v Rochdale AFC (LFA SF)  
 13th Feb 19 Turton FC v Coppull United FC (LFA AS SF)  
 11th Feb 19 Blackburn Rovers v Accrington Stanley (LFA SF)  
 10th Feb 19 Ribbleton Green v Wilpshire Wand Blue (u14 LFA SF)  
 6th Feb 19 Thornton Cleveleys v Slyne with Hest (LFA AS SF)  
 20th Jan 19 Fylde v Blackburn Community (LFA Womens SF)  
 18th May 18 Lancashire FA Referee Awards [PRIVATE] (4892) 
 13th May 18 Blackpool v Golborne (LFA Girls u14 final)  
 13th May 18 PNE v Blackpool (LFA Girls u13 final)  
 10th May 18 Blackburn Rovers v Chorley Ladies (LFA County CF)  
 9th May 18 Guide Security Sunday Trophy Final  
 5th May 18 Preston North End v Wigan Ath (LFA Youth CF)  
 2nd May 18 Burnley Belv v Winstanley ST A (LFA Amatuer CF)  
 1st May 18 Bury v PNE (LFA Girls u15 CF)  
 29th Apr 18 Atherton Town v Prestwich Marauders (LFA u14 CF)  
 29th Apr 18 Ribbleton v Fulwood Amateurs (LFA u21 CF)  
 29th Apr 18 Ribbleton v Vickerstown (LFA u16 CF)  
 25th Apr 18 Garstang v Fulwood (LFA Amatuer Sheild)  
 22nd Apr 18 Bae Warton v Winstanley Warriors (LFA u18 YCF)  
 22nd Apr 18 Walshaw Sports v Hindsford Jnr (LFA u15 YCF)  
 20th Apr 18 LFA Apprentiship photo shoot [PRIVATE] (4996) 
 19th Apr 18 Blackpool v PNE (LFA girls u16 county CF)  
 12th Apr 18 Burnley Belv v Mostonians AFC (LFC AC SF)  
 11th Apr 18 Fleetwood v Bury (LFA Senior CF)  
 8th Apr 18 Burnley Belv v Wigan Ath Dev (LFA Womens TF)  
 8th Apr 18 Hindley v Barrow Celtic Comets (LFA Womens PF)  
 28th Mar 18 Chorley v Lancaster City (LFA CT SF)  
 21st Mar 18 Broomheads E A v Highfield (LFA ST SF)  
 7th Mar 18 Caton Utd v Winstanley St Aidans (LFA AC SF)  
 22nd Feb 18 Euxton Villa v Garstang (LFA AS SF)  
 21st Feb 18 Charnock Richard v Clitheroe (LFA CT SF)  
 4th May 17 PNE Women Jnrs v Blackpool Girls (u16 final)  
 26th Apr 17 Blackburn Rovers v Fylde (LFA Womens Final)  
 29th Mar 17 Crown Paints v Southport & Ains' (Cup Final  
 8th Mar 17 Chorley v Ashton Athletic (LFA SF)  
 28th Apr 16 PNE v Blackburn Rovers (LFA Womens Final)  
 24th Apr 16 Blackburn CSC v Burnley (LFA Girls u16 Final)  
 24th Apr 16 PNE Womens v Blackpool (LFA Girls u14 Final)  
 24th Apr 16 F.C. Strikerz v Lancaster City (LFA u12 Final)  
 22nd Apr 16 Furness Rovers V Atherton Town (LFA u15 Final)  
 21st Apr 16 Blackpool (Wren) v Royton Town (lFA Amateur Shield)  
 11th Apr 16 Penwortham girls v Shoreline FC (league cup Final)  
 3rd Apr 16 Elton Vale v Ashton Athletic (LFA u18 Final)  
 23rd Mar 16 Boars Head Thistle v Ingol Rangers (LFA Sun Trophy)  
 20th Mar 16 Poulton v Holker Old Boys (LFA u13 Final)  
 20th Mar 16 Charnock Richard v Langho (LFA u16 Final)  
 20th Mar 16 Thornton Cleveleys v BAC/EE Preston (LFA u14 Final)  
 15th Mar 16 Bury G.S.O.B. v Winstanley St Aidan (Amateur Cup Final)  
 14th Mar 16 Chorley v Lancaster (Challenge Trophy Final)  
 25th Feb 16 Rishton United v Winstanley (Amatuer cup SF)  
 10th Feb 16 Colne v Chorley (LFA Challenge Trophy SF)  
 26th Apr 15 Ribbleton v Bispham Junior (u12 LFA Final)  
 9th Apr 15 CMB FC v Coppull United (Amateur Shield Final)  
 22nd Mar 15 Thornton Cleveleys v Daisy Hil (LFA u18 CF)  
 22nd Mar 15 Fleetwood v Whalley (u13s Cup Final)  
 20th Mar 15 Carnforth Rangers v Belair (LFA Sheild Final)  
 21st Sep 14 Havelock v Game Cock (LFA Sun trophy)  
 21st Sep 14 Hyndburn Youth v The Donkey (LFA Sun trophy)  
 9th Sep 14 Blackburn Rovers v PNE (LFA Senior Cup)  
 15th Jul 14 Girls United Mini Soccer (LFA)  
 28th Apr 13 Burnley v PNE WJFC (u16 Final)  
 28th Apr 13 St. Helens v PNE WJFC (u14 Final)  
 25th Apr 13 Blackburn Rovers v Blackpool W.R. (LFA Final)  
 21st Apr 13 Wythnshawe v Bolton Indians (u12s LFA Final)  
 21st Apr 13 Cadley v Mill Hill (u13s LFA Final)  
 11th Apr 13 Charnock Richard. v Eagley (Amatuer Sheild)  
 9th Apr 13 Blackhurst Budd v Reform Health (Sun Trophy)  
 26th Mar 13 Old Boltonians AFC V Southport & Ainsdale  
 21st Mar 13 North Chadderton v Southport (LFA u18 Final)  
 15th Mar 13 Bamber Bridge v BAC Preston (u14s county final)  
 7th Mar 13 Mill Hill v Bolton Lads (County u15s final)  
 2nd May 12 PNE v Burnley (Lancashire youth cup Final)  
 1st May 12 Blackburn Sport v Pennington (Womens County Lg Cup)  
 27th Apr 12 Blessed Sacrement v Preston GSA (Final)  
 25th Apr 12 Mill Hill v New Farington (LFA Trophy final)  
 20th Apr 12 Preston Wanderers FC v Langho FC  
 19th Apr 12 Haslingden St Marys v Norcross & Warbreck  
 13th Apr 12 Eagley v Charnock Richard (LFA Shield Final)  
 4th Apr 12 Blackburn R v Blackpool WR (Lancs Cup Final)  
 23rd Mar 12 Tyldesley Juniors v Mill Hill (LFA u12s Final)  
 16th Mar 12 South Shore Youth v Mill Hill (LFA u14 Final)  
 9th Mar 12 Lytham JFC v Ladybridge FC Boys County Cup u13  
 7th Mar 12 PNE WJFC u15 v PNE WJFC u16 Girls County Cup  
 5th Mar 12 Walshaw JFC v Bolton BSS FC County Cup u16 Boys  
 1st Mar 12 St Helens v Lytham St Annes (u15 Cup Final)  
 28th Feb 12 Academy Jnrs v Preston N.E. (Girls u14 Cup Final)  
 28th Apr 11 Blackpool v Craven  
 26th Apr 11 Wigan v Blackpool u12s  
 19th Apr 11 Eagley v Charnock  
 14th Apr 11 Poulton v Greenlands  
 7th Apr 11 SouthLans v Preston District u18  
 31st Mar 11 EastLancs Barrow u16  
 25th Mar 11 South Shore v ST Annes u14  
 21st Mar 11 Ashton v Ulverton u18s  
 17th Mar 11 Aston v Highgrove u16  
 11th Mar 11 Blackburn v PNE (Womens Lancs final)  
 4th Mar 11 Ladybridge v Holker OB (LFA U12s CF)  
 10th Feb 11 Myerscough JFDC v Mill Hill FC (u15s)  
 26th Apr 10 East Lancs v Preston & District (u18s)  
 23rd Apr 10 East Lancs v Blackpool & District (u16s)  
 16th Apr 10 Blackpool W.R. v Garstang (LFA Shield)  
 14th Apr 10 Clitheroe v Southport (Lancs Cup)  
 7th Apr 10 Hurst Green v Highgrove (LFA Cup Final)  
 15th Mar 10 Blackburn Rovers v Salford (Womens Lancs cup)  
 4th Feb 10 Mill Hill v Ladybridge u12 Cup Final  
 3rd Apr 09 Blackburn Rovers v Rochdale (Womens LFA FINAL)  
 21st Mar 09 Blackpool v Morecambe (Womens County final)  
 2nd Apr 08 Chorley v Southport (Lancs Cup First Half)  
 2nd Feb 07 Curzon Ashton v Blackburn (Womens Lancs FINAL)