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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

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 4th Jun 22 MID LANCS Cross Country & Track League  
 3rd Oct 19 Hyndburn RV XC (PRESENTATIONS)  
 3rd Oct 19 Hyndburn RV XC (RV Boys Primary)  
 3rd Oct 19 Hyndburn RV XC (Hyndburn Boys Primary)  
 3rd Oct 19 Hyndburn RV XC (RV Girls Primary)  
 3rd Oct 19 Hyndburn RV XC (Hyndburn Girls Primary)  
 3rd Oct 19 Hyndburn RV XC (Y 10 & 11 Boys)  
 3rd Oct 19 Hyndburn RV XC (Y 10 & 11 Girls)  
 3rd Oct 19 Hyndburn RV XC (Y 8 & 9 Boys)  
 9th Jun 19 Burnley Athletics u11s open PRESENTATIONS  
 9th Jun 19 Burnley Athletics u11s open TRACK  
 9th Jun 19 Burnley Athletics u11s open FIELD  
 11th May 19 Badass Mucker [PRIVATE] (5356) 
 8th Dec 18 Mid Lancs Cross country (Junior Races)  
 1st Dec 18 Blackburn Schools Secondry Cross Country  
 18th Nov 18 Chorley Fire 10k  
 4th Nov 18 Through the Villages Race (Wheelton)  
 28th Oct 18 Accrington 10k  
 27th Oct 18 Halloween Mucker (Juniors) (5108) 
 4th Oct 18 Hyndburn/RV Primary Schools Cross Country  
 4th Oct 18 Hyndburn/RV Secondry Schools Cross Country  
 23rd Sep 18 Padiham 10k  
 16th Sep 18 Yarrow River Splash 10K  
 26th Aug 18 Burnley jnr Parkrun (with Sophie Hitchon)  
 18th Aug 18 Pendle 3 Peaks Fell race  
 12th Aug 18 Boulsworth Fell Race  
 5th Aug 18 Worsthorne Fell Race (Plus Juniors)  
 22nd Jul 18 Towneley Park 10k  
 15th Jul 18 Burnley 10k  
 30th Jun 18 Badass 10K Mucker & 5K Mucker [PRIVATE] (4945) 
 9th Jun 18 Weets Fell Race, Barnoldswick  
 2nd Jun 18 Kelbrook Fell Race  
 11th May 18 Pinhaw Moor Fell race  
 22nd Apr 18 Ron Hill Accrington 10k & Fun Run  
 25th Mar 18 Darwen Half Marathon  
 23rd Feb 18 Darwen Dashers Dark Un (Fell race) (4901) 
 4th Feb 18 Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k  
 14th Jan 18 East Lancashire Hospice 10k  
 13th Jan 18 Mid Lancs Cross Country (Juniors)  
 31st Dec 17 Ribble Valley 10k  
 2nd Dec 17 Red Rose XC (Marl Pits) Adult races  
 2nd Dec 17 Blackburn Schools Cross Country Finals  
 26th Nov 17 David Staff Memorial Fell Race  
 5th Nov 17 Through the Villages Race (Wheelton)  
 29th Oct 17 Accrington 10k  
 28th Oct 17 Halloween Mucker [PRIVATE] (4664) 
 13th Aug 17 Boulsworth Fell Race (Jnr & Snr)  
 6th Aug 17 Worsthorne Fell Race  
 23rd Jul 17 Towneley Park 10k  
 15th Jul 17 Pendle Running Festival (10K/HM)  
 18th Jun 17 Badass Mucker Junior 2.5k [PRIVATE] (4500) 
 17th Jun 17 Badass Mucker Junior 2.5k [PRIVATE] (4316) 
 16th Jun 17 Barrowford 5k  
 9th May 17 Burnley Schools Y 3/4 Cross Country (Elite)  
 27th Mar 17 BPSSA Cross Country (Yr5-6 & Yr 3-4)  
 18th Mar 17 Clayton 5k Group Run  
 12th Mar 17 Daffodil Doddle 2.2km trail race (Juniors)  
 12th Mar 17 Roddlesworth Roller 9km trail race  
 5th Mar 17 Ron Hill 10k (Plus Fun Run)  
 25th Feb 17 Badass Mucker Reboot: 10K [PRIVATE] (4317) 
 5th Feb 17 Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k  
 15th Jan 17 East lancs hospice 10k  
 27th Dec 16 Ribble Valley 10K  
 3rd Dec 16 Red Rose XC League (Rawtenstall)  
 19th Nov 16 Tour of Pendle Fell race (Start only)  
 6th Nov 16 Through the Villages Race (Wheelton)  
 30th Oct 16 Accrington 10k (Burnley rd)  
 8th Oct 16 Badass Mucker 5k [PRIVATE] (4288) 
 14th Aug 16 Boulsworth Fell Race  
 24th Jul 16 Towneley Park 10k  
 16th Jul 16 Pendle running Festival 10k  
 9th Jul 16 Badass Mucker 4 [PRIVATE] (4049) 
 3rd Jul 16 Trawden 7 Trail  
 27th May 16 Burnley Lions 10k Road Race  
 1st May 16 Hameldon Hill fell race  
 3rd Apr 16 Darwen Half Marathon (Start Only)  
 2nd Apr 16 5k Mucker (Badass Mucker event) [PRIVATE] (4048) 
 13th Mar 16 Jackal 10k & Half Marathon  
 6th Mar 16 Ron Hill 10k (and Fun Run)  
 19th Feb 16 Mr Sparkles Dark'Un Fell Race  
 7th Feb 16 Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k  
 9th Jan 16 Lancashire Cross Country Championships  
 13th Dec 15 Hurst Green Turkey Trot  
 1st Nov 15 Through the Villages (Running)  
 31st Oct 15 Halloween Mucker Juniors [PRIVATE] (3858) 
 18th Oct 15 Jimmy Cricket Birthday 5k run  
 4th Oct 15 Burnley fire 10k road race  
 29th Aug 15 BaddAss Mucker for kids (lancaster) (3844) 
 20th Aug 15 Stan Curran Birthday Cown 5K  
 2nd Aug 15 Worsthorne Moor Trial Race  
 12th Jul 15 Towenley 10k road race  
 5th Jul 15 Trawden 7 trail Race u8s & u10s  
 5th Jul 15 Trawden 7 trail Race ADULTS  
 28th Jun 15 Pennine Lancs 10k  
 18th Jun 15 Aggie's Staircase Fell Race  
 6th Jun 15 Northern Track & Field League Div One  
 13th May 15 Wholan Nook trial race  
 3rd May 15 Hambledon Hill race (Start Only)  
 31st Mar 15 Pete Hartley mem Liver Hill Fell Race (SNRs)  
 31st Mar 15 Pete Hartley mem Liver Hill Fell Race (JNRs)  
 29th Mar 15 Accrington Ron Hill 10k  
 7th Mar 15 Stan Bradshaw Pendle Fell Race  
 26th Feb 15 Pendle schools y5/6 prim Cross Country  
 1st Feb 15 Blackburn 10k Winter Warmer  
 10th Jan 15 Mid Lancs X Country league  
 3rd Jan 15 Lancs X Country Wiiton Pk  
 28th Dec 14 Ribble Valley 10k  
 14th Dec 14 Lee Mill Relays  
 11th Dec 14 Todmorden Park winter 5k  
 7th Dec 14 Barnoldswick Santa Fun Run 5k  
 6th Dec 14 Blackburn Schools Cross Country Finals  
 2nd Nov 14 Accrington 5k Poppy Run  
 1st Nov 14 Couch to 5k running club  
 5th Oct 14 Burnley Fire 10k  
 25th Sep 14 Ron Hill's 76th Birthday 5K Multi-Terrain  
 17th Sep 14 Gerry McCabe 5k trail race  
 10th Jul 14 Todmorden 5k  
 29th Jun 14 Burnley Boys Club 5k road race  
 22nd Jun 14 Pennine Lancashire 10K  
 11th May 14 Pendle Triathlon  
 6th Apr 14 Clitheroe Pool Triathlon  
 30th Mar 14 Ron Hill Accrington 10k  
 8th Mar 14 Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round (FELL Race)  
 21st Feb 14 Mr Sparkle's Dark Un (Fell Race)  
 29th Dec 13 Ribble Valley 10k  
 26th Dec 13 Whinberry Naze Dash  
 14th Dec 13 Mid Lancs Cross Country (Hyndburn)  
 24th Nov 13 David Staff Memorial race (SunnyHurst woods)  
 23rd Nov 13 Tour of Pendle Fell race (Barley)  
 27th Oct 13 Accrington 10k Road Race  
 26th May 13 Rossendale Triathlon  
 14th Apr 13 Clitheroe Triathlon  
 9th Mar 13 Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round (FELL RACE)  
 10th Feb 13 Blackburn "winter warmer" 10k race  
 12th Jan 13 Mid Lancs XC (Hyndburn) PART 3  
 12th Jan 13 Mid Lancs XC (Hyndburn) PART 2  
 12th Jan 13 Mid Lancs XC (Hyndburn) PART 1  
 5th Jan 13 Lancashire X Country (Witton Park)  
 30th Dec 12 Ribble Valley 10k (Clitheroe)  
 25th Nov 12 David Staff FELL Race (Darwen)  
 21st Oct 12 Accrington 10k Road race  
 7th Oct 12 Pendleside Hospice/Firefighters Charity 7k road race  
 19th Aug 12 Olympian Bradley Wiggins (Pendle Hill) (2462) 
 11th Mar 12 Daffodil Doddle (Running) Abbey Village  
 11th Mar 12 Roddlesworth Roller (Running) Abbey Village  
 12th Feb 12 Winter Hill Fell race (Start Only)  
 7th Jan 12 Lancashire X Country (Witton Park) p2  
 7th Jan 12 Lancashire X Country (Witton Park) p1  
 26th Dec 11 Whinberry naze Dash  
 10th Dec 11 Mid Lancs Cross Country (Chorley)  
 11th Mar 08 ASFC Fan Dave Rowlands - Marathon Runner  
 30th Dec 07 Ribble Valley 10k  
 22nd Dec 07 Ron Hill 150 Thousand Miles  
 28th Oct 07 Accrington 10k (330 pics)  
 6th May 07 Hameldon Hill Race (Start and Winners)  
 29th Oct 06 Accy 10k Road Race  
 29th Oct 06 Accy 10k Road Race (More Runners)  
 26th Sep 05 Mascot Grand National 2005 (997) 
 28th Sep 03 Mascot Grand National (+Streaker)