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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

KIPAX Action Photography
KIPAX Action Photography
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 14th Sep 19 West Lancs Girls (u7 u8 u9 Football Festival)  
 26th Apr 18 PNE v St helens (WL Girls youth FINAL)  
 26th Apr 18 Wigan Ath v St Helens red (WL Girls u13s FINAL)  
 29th Mar 18 PNE v Curzon Ashton (WL Girls u15 FINAL)  
 29th Mar 18 Blackpool v Fillies (WL Girls u11 FINAL)  
 29th Mar 18 Academy v Fillies (WL Girls u9 FINAL)  
 18th Apr 17 Wigan Ath v Preston N.E. (Girls u16 Final)  
 18th Apr 17 Blackpool v Padiham Saints (Girls u10 Final)  
 11th Apr 17 Preston N.E.v Blackpool (Girls u14 Final)  
 11th Apr 17 Preston N.E. v Wigan Ath (Girls u13 Final)  
 7th Apr 17 Burnley v St Helens Town (Girls youth Final)  
 6th Apr 17 Formby JSC v Euxton (Girls u15 Final)  
 6th Apr 17 Preston N.E. v Blackpool (Girls u11 Final)  
 4th Apr 17 Preston North End v Fillies GFC (Girls u12 final)  
 4th Apr 17 Euxton Girls v Maghull FC (u9 Final)  
 15th Apr 16 Burnley v Preston N.E. Blue (Girls u16 Final)  
 15th Apr 16 Academy Jrs v Burnley (Girls u10 Final)  
 12th Apr 16 Wigan Athletic v Pendle Forest (Girls LCF)  
 22nd Mar 16 Blackpool v Preston N.E. (Girls u14 Final)  
 22nd Mar 16 Academy Jrs v Crosby Stuart (Girls u13 Final)  
 18th Mar 16 Wigan Athletic v Dynamo Rangers (Girls u15 Final)  
 18th Mar 16 Preston N.E v Bolton Wand (Girls u12 Final)  
 11th Mar 16 Wigan Athletic v Preston N.E. (Girls u11 Final)  
 11th Mar 16 Academy Jrs v Euxton North (Girls u9 Final)  
 24th Apr 15 Wigan Athletic v Fillies GFC (Girls Youth Final)  
 20th Apr 15 Man City Girls v Blackpool (u11 Girls)  
 20th Apr 15 Burnley Clarets v Blackpool Girls (u9 Girls)  
 23rd Mar 15 Preston North End v Blackburn CSC (u16 Girls)  
 23rd Mar 15 Blackpool Girls v Academy Juniors (u12 Girls)  
 16th Mar 15 Preston North End v West End AFC (u14 Girls)  
 16th Mar 15 Preston North End v AFC Manchester (u13 girls)  
 9th Mar 15 Formby JSC v Stockport County (u15 Girls)  
 9th Mar 15 Preston North End v Wigan Athletic (u10 Girls)  
 4th Apr 14 Preston NE v Wigan Ath (Girls u16 Lge cup Final)  
 4th Apr 14 Man City Blue v Stockport (Girls u15 Lge cup Final)  
 1st Apr 14 Euxton v Blackpool (Girls u12s Lge cup Final)  
 1st Apr 14 Oxford Grove v Burnley (Girls u18s Lge cup Final)  
 21st Mar 14 Man City v Blackpool Girls (u13s lge cup Final  
 21st Mar 14 Birkdale Utd v Burnley Girls (u14s lge cup final)