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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

KIPAX Action Photography
KIPAX Action Photography
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 21st Apr 22 ASFC Community Trust v Condiver Drug Del  
 20th Apr 22 BRFC Community Trust v Blackburn Police  
 28th Mar 18 WEC v UltraFrame (Orphanage cup)  
 26th May 17 Orphanage Cup Final (Ewood)  
 5th Apr 17 Orphanage Cup (Various)  
 20th May 16 2016 Orphanage cup Final  
 30th Mar 16 BRFC Staff v B'Burn Teachers (Orphanage cup)  
 22nd May 15 2015 Orphanage Cup Final  
 16th May 14 2014 Orphanage cup final  
 17th May 13 2013 Orphanage Cup Final  
 25th May 12 2012 Orphanage Cup Final  
 13th May 11 2011 Orphanage Cup Final  
 14th May 10 2010 Red Rose Lining v Senator (Orph Cup FINAL)  
 7th May 10 Blackburn College v Senator (Orph Cup SF)  
 5th May 10 B'burn Teachers v Red Rose (Orph Cup SF)  
 21st Apr 10 Unisons v Blackburn Teachers Orph Cup)  
 21st Apr 10 Blackburn Coll v BwD Council (Orph Cup)  
 19th Apr 10 RMS Scaffolding v Botanical Group (Orph Cup)  
 19th Apr 10 Blackburn Telegraph v Blackburn College (Orph Cup)  
 12th Apr 10 Accrington Fire v Blackburn Fire (Orph cup)  
 12th Apr 10 Emerson renwick v Utd Utilities (Orph cup)  
 31st Mar 10 Senator v thwaites (Orph Cup)  
 31st Mar 10 Blackburn Telegraph v Job Center (Orph Cup)  
 29th Mar 10 Promethean v Accrington fire (Orph Cup)  
 29th Mar 10 Police v Farleys (Oph Cup)  
 15th May 09 2009 Teacher v Kirks Scaffolding (Orphanage Final)  
 15th Apr 09 Orphanage Cup (Various) R2  
 9th May 08 2008 Red Rose v Thwaites (Orph cup Final)  
 2nd May 08 Brookhouse v Red Rose (Orph cup SF)  
 30th Apr 08 Kirk Scaffolding v Thwaites (Orph Cup SF)  
 21st Apr 08 Kirk Scaffolding v Ward Knowles (Orph Cup)  
 21st Apr 08 Orphanage Cup QF Various  
 16th Apr 08 Ward Knowles v Direct Services (Orp Cup)  
 14th Apr 08 Unison Eng V Thwaites (Orphanage Cup)  
 7th Apr 08 St Marys v Ward Knowles (Orphange Cup)  
 2nd Apr 08 Orphanage Cup #2 Various  
 31st Mar 08 Orphanage Cup #1 Various  
 16th Apr 07 Kirks Scaffolding v Senator (Orphans Cup R2)