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Tony (KIPAX) Greenwood, Full time Sports Photographer based in Hyndburn ,Lancashire, England.
I am licensed by various Sports leagues and organisations.
I carry a UK Press card, am fully Insured & DBS Registered.

KIPAX Action Photography
KIPAX Action Photography
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 12th Jul 22 Redeemer School Play (6217) 
 14th Jul 21 Redeemer yr6 Rounders  
 13th Jul 21 St Stephen's Tockholes Sports Day.  
 20th Jul 20 Redeemer Blackburn yr6 leavers  
 16th Jul 20 St Stephens Tockholes yr6 leavers  
 7th Feb 20 Redeemer v Glenside Juniors (u12s Friendly)  
 18th Dec 19 Redeemer School Xmas dinner and Santa  
 18th Dec 19 St Stephens Tockholes SANTA visit  
 16th Dec 19 Redeemer school Year 2 Nativity  
 13th Dec 19 Redeemer School Reception Nativity  
 7th Nov 19 Redeemer School photo shoot (5607) 
 10th Jul 19 St Stephens Tockholes CEP Sports day  
 9th Jul 19 Redeemer School Play - Rock Bottom  
 28th Jun 19 Redeemer JUNIOR Sports day  
 6th Jun 19 Redeemer RECEPTION Sports day  
 5th Jun 19 Redeemer INFANTS Sports day  
 2nd Apr 19 Blackburn Schools TAG Rugby  
 29th Mar 19 Redeemer retirement party.  
 29th Mar 19 Redeemer retirement party (P1)  
 20th Dec 18 Redeemer school Reindeer & Santa  
 12th Dec 18 Redeemer y2 Nativity Play  
 11th Dec 18 Redeemer y1 Nativity Play  
 10th Dec 18 Redeemer Reception Nativity Play  
 11th Jun 18 St Stephens Tockholes CEP Sports day  
 8th Jun 18 Redeemer Sports Day (KS1)  
 7th Jun 18 Redeemer Sports Day (KS2)  
 6th Jun 18 Redeemer Sports Day (Reception)  
 18th May 18 Redeemer Royal Wedding  
 31st Jan 18 Redeemer Sport Platinum kite mark. (4884) 
 13th Dec 17 Redeemer Nativity Play (Year 2)  
 12th Dec 17 Redeemer school Reindeer & Snow  
 12th Dec 17 Redeemer school Santas Grotto  
 11th Dec 17 Redeemer Nativity Play (Year 1)  
 11th Dec 17 Redeemer Nativity Play (Reception)  
 24th Nov 17 Redeemer at Westholme Jnr football  
 13th Jul 17 Redeemer SuperStan Play  
 23rd Jun 17 Redeemer Schools Multi Faith (4636) 
 16th Jun 17 Redeemer School Sports day INFANTS  
 14th Jun 17 Redeemer School Sports day RECEPTION  
 13th Jun 17 Redeemer School Sports day JUNIORS  
 25th May 17 Redeemer School Battle of the Bands  
 19th May 17 Redeemer at BRFC CT tournament  
 5th May 17 Redeemer v Lower Darwen (4646) 
 18th Nov 16 Westholme Schools football tourn [Redeemer]  
 9th Jun 16 Redeemer Sports Day  
 8th Jun 16 Redeemer Sports Day  
 7th Jun 16 Redeemer Sports Day  
 13th May 16 Blackburn Year 6 football Ewood park [Redeemer]  
 14th Jul 15 Redeemer School Play  
 11th Jun 15 Redeemer Sports day  
 4th Jun 15 Redeemer Sports day  
 3rd Jun 15 Redeemer Sports day  
 14th May 15 Longshaw v Redeemer  
 12th Jun 14 Redeemer School Sports day  
 12th Jun 14 Redeemer School Football  
 3rd Jun 14 Redeemer School Sports day  
 6th May 14 Redeemer Schools Football