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Last Home..

Before Joining Prestel my ISP was Airtime Internet resources.. I was there for about 4 years, These web pages had a very strong following, the Counter for the year I left from First of January 1997 to End of october 1997 was and thats not bad in ten months is it..

Here we go again... Looks like Prestel was a sad mistake.. very shoddy service in my humble opinion.. Now using Zetnet services.. miles better

On the Net

Well theres this web page of course, I am amazed that over One thousand visitors a month are attracted to the STOSSER Page, ok some by accident that may never return, some are myself testing and updating, But that still leaves a heck of a lot of people, this is why I like to keep updating and updating

But I also have a couple more web pages, theres STOSSER Files a Geocities page, nothing extra there, but it has a few games also linked to from here, just somewhere to store,

Then theres a few pictures of myself and my family on site, but the Family Album page is actualy run by my wife Julie

I have another two web pages, One is set aside for my son Mark who is currently using MSPublisher..yuk..to carve out his own little page, and the other is as yet un asigned, But I have a couple of ideas,

I set up the ST+ Web page before handing it over for someone else to run, getting it going and linked to all the ATARI emulation and ATARI computer sites was fun

Contrary to popular belief, the STOS Mailing list is NOT run by me, I am simply a member like anyone else

I have the pleasure of being the keeper of the Official STOS FAQ, actualy the only reason I call it official is because of the input from one of the original STOS authors

Well nothing too personal, I just couldnt think of anything else to call it...

  • Telephoning me, I have caller display installed, When someone phones me there number is displayed along with time and date, this is also stored in case I go out, I can check back 30 calls to see who phoned, If its a regular or someone I know then I can put a name.. so Dean our Artist calls me and the display will show...
    Phone number....Date....Time
    Dean Chadwick

    Ok so far.. All phones should have the ability to dial 141 and stop there number being shown.. I think its 141..On my caller display this shows up as NUMBER WITHELD......The phone will not under any curcumstances be answered.. so if anyone has, or is going to phone me and have there phone set to withold there number, then it simply will not be answered, Well if someone has gone to the trouble of hiding there number.. then I or my family dont want to talk to them.. its that simple...

  • My PC, There has been mentions in certain Diskmagazines ect... that I use my PC for much of my programming, using PaCifiST, This is absoloutly NOT true , PaCifiST is an excellent emulator and does run STOS and the compiler, BUT it has one great big drawback, the keyboard emulation is not YET workable, You can use it, but try writing more then 4 or 5 words and the keys stick filling the page up with the last charactor you typed, it realy is infuriating,
    I have spoken to the author of the emulator who is aware and will be fixing the problem some time in the future, but right now it is pretty unusable for large amounts of text,

    I do use STOS under PaCifiST for quick bug fixes.. I can't get to my ATARI at night as its in the kids room, but a copy of all my work is on the PC , If someone phones me with a slight bug in a program, or with some artwork to put in and try, I can use STOS on my PC and try it out or fix a small bug then recompile... This in no stretch of the imagination constitutes doing most of my programming on the PC..

STOSSER, The name must surely be known by a good majority of ATARI users by now... That is not me being big headed..or is it... But after 20 or more individual releases, 29 Issues of STOSSER Diskmagazine, Articles in all the top ATARI paper based magazines, Articles and reviews in just about every Diskmag ever made, Including German and American Diskzines, Magazines and newsletters, ...well lots more examples of where you can find the word STOSSER then hopefully the name has been spread far and wide

The original word STOSSER was chosen for the new diskzine to be produced for STOS programmers, there was a couple of suggestions floating about, but none that really said it all.. STOSSER did...

After releasing a few titles, games and bits of stuff, i realised that more attention was being given to games that had a software name... yes even PD stuff, if it had a software title it got noticed, I mean lets face it.. such and such a game by OCEAN is better than such and such a game by Fred Bloggs, So I decided i needed a Software title, I norrowed it down to two choices,
Choice one was PAXTON Software, as I live on Paxton St then it would sound good...Paxton Software, Paxton st...hmmm But what happens if I move house...
Choice Two was to use STOSSER as the diskzine was already well established, It was a name I had already come up with, and it was my diskzine, so what the hell, STOSSER Software was born

    In this game I state on one of the screens that there is a Cheat, But it is up to the user to find it, Well I got a few letters over the years from people wanting to know where it is as they searched high and low..hmm the truth is that there is NO cheat for SPOT IT, I put that in to give you something to do, to make you think and pass the time away,

  • H.E.R.O.
    ST Format used a very early Demo of this game on one of there coverdisks, at that time we still wanted it kept quiet about STOS being the language used to program it, So the demo arrived as one program, all external files pre loaded, But I also doctored the actual program, then anyone looking with a sector editor would not find giveaway STOS commands, I changed the obvious stuff into rather strong swearwords, and a larger section I replaced with my thoughts on Prisoner Cell Block H...One of my most liked programs actualy..

    Since upgrading to a 4meg STe quite some time ago, I have had to keep a check on memory when programming, to make sure the game or program will work on a one meg machine, To do this I place a HOT KEY in the code, when pressed this will show in the top left corner of the screen a number, if you have ever found this then thats how much memory is currently free on your system......It is always the W key, try ST+ diskmag on the actual doc displayer, press W and see... most of my software has this in at some point in the program, usualy at the point where it is using most memory, like where everything is being used..

Programming Ideas
If only there was enough Hours in the day, I am never short of ideas for programs to make, just too little time

  • Animation, I know the following idea is workable, viable and relativly simple to implement, I would like to see a whole new animation file for the good old ATARI ST, Very simmilar to CYBER but the ability to add sound, add sound at Frame X and stop it at from Y..or simply add background sound or both, I like the CYBER files as you can make good full screen animations and the files pack down realy well.. using my CYBER player Autoview Allows you to use packed Cyber and allows you to add background.. but an editor that would allow sound at certain frames would be better...

  • Multimedia, Now theres a word that will grab most Computer users attention, Ever since I managed to incorperate Pictures, Sound and Animations into my Medium rez Text Displayer I have wanted to make a low resolution full multimedia displayer system, something the user sets out each page, with 256 colour pictures if desired, or cyber, or text, or anything you want on each page, design how each page appears and dissapears, give buttons for user interaction.. a true multimedia displayer, It can be done, My preffered language is perfect for such a project, but does the time needed to make it, and the possible audience balance out, A good idea IMHO but simply not enough people want it.. in fact I cant find 2...

  • Games, It would seem that game making is what STOSSER Software is most known for, yet I make more Miscelaneuos programs and Diskzine shells than I do games..
    I have lots of ideas for games.. For example I would love to make an adventure game, something along the lines of Monkey Island.. but the artwork for such a game would mean a one and a half year.. maybe two year project.. and to be honest making 3 or 4 games in the same time is more appealing, it looks like I will never see that idea come to life, a shame,
    Platform games, I think Heartland and Diamond Ice are proof that we have mastered that side of game making, reproducing them all the time would not offer us any incentive, I also had visions of a TEMPEST clone, another game I would love to have made, and I do believe it is possible to do a good remake for a one meg STFM with specials for STe and falcon owners, But others dont seem to agree so it looks like that ones out,
    So what are we going to make next...Well I have another nifty idea that may see the light of day, a SCALEXTRIC game, racing cars with an overhead view, but all you control is the speed, not the steering... Scalextric doesnt allow you to steer does it hehehe, but you have to judge the speed for corners and crossovers where you can knock your opponent off, adding chase options would also enhance the game..Unlike other overhead games.. this would be ultra fast.......split screen for two player mode, I have already show in MultiPakman that split screen is possible, and that game is quite old and therefore up for routine improvement and optimisation. Think the size and speed of heartland.. but with a overhead racing car... WHAT FUN hehehehe,


ANNOUNCEMENT....Are there any titles from STOSSER Software that you would like to see re released for the falcon.. are there any that look interesting enough.. If so then email me and I will give it a go..

Other Programs

    This was a PD Catalogue shell for KEEFY PDS, It went through many versions and indeed ended up looking more like a demo, with the main menu featuring dancing ladies, VU meters, STAR Fields and a scroller, all that and a functional menu,
    Keefy Sold his PD Library, I never kept the source and in the passing of time all was lost never to be seen again, a lot of work, a very lot of months, and now nothing to show for it

    When I first released my displayer that included options for displaying pictures with text, I was approached and asked for a special version to be used for displaying a family tree, Over the next month or so I got all the information and ideas and suggestions off the person asking, and away we went, He finally released the finished software into the public domain and of course credited me for the displayer,
    If anyone has this program, Including the person I made it for.. I wonder if you discovered that pressing the ASTERIX key at the top right of your ATARI will bring up a small game, a match it game using small digitised pictures of the chaps family...hehehehe

    Merlin Public Domain Library had a catalouge made for them,not by me, but it did include my text displayer for showing there lists, I was of course given credit for this as well...
    At least two other PD Libraries have recieved specialy made catalogues from me and using my displayer, AWF was one and SHARMEN the other

    Silly Software released a commercial program called GRAFIX for teaching art, they wanted a displayer for the doc files, they used a version of mine, and of course credited me

Whats Happening

  1. Autoview The supposedly ongoing project seems to have halted, we have got to the point where you can auto load a CYBER SEQ and some music or sampled sound or all three together, There doesnt seem to be any more interest so the version now linked to will probably be the final release unless someone asks for more features

  2. Some of you will be aware that I make quite a lot of Diskzine shells, the most used one at the moment is ST+ Diskmagazine, I have also made The D.C.K. Diskzine Construction Kit, this has been used in one form or another by not only diskmagazines, but Catalogues etc
    Well I am now in the process of totally revamping and rewriting the ST+ Dismag shell, the one they are currently using that has recieved nice reviews... will be converted into the next version of DCK and released at the end of this month June 1997

  3. The STOSSER Web page..you are already here, I have decided to keep updating this page as much as possible,All these pages are made and updated using a small text editor, although I have experimented with web making programs in the past, Nothing can compare to the absoloute control you get from learning and entering each command yourself.. web page designing software is for wimps... I like surfing the web, But I only realy go to the ATARI pages, however it is very boring going to the same pages and seeing they have not changed or added anything from one week to the next, it is soooo boring, so I intend to change or add to the content of this page every week,SO ALWAYS HIT REFRESH OR RELOAD for best results..hopefully this will encourage revisits, The counter on this page is TRUE, you can fiddle them, but I asure you the amount you see on the counter is the amount of hits since January 1997, I cleared last years counter at the start of the year

  4. The ST+ Web page, I started this and made all the pages.. you will see some resemblence in the layout of that to these STOSSER pages, I have since handed the pages over to Peter Augustin and signed the actual page to him, i now have nothing to do with the ST+ Webpage, But I am still supporting the diskzine by way of programming the actual shell they use.

Cheats for STOSSER Titles
  • H.E.R.O.
    The PD release of H.E.R.O. allows you to SAVE or LOAD games from a small video screen when you turn towards a computer monitor in the actual game..well you get your choice 1 to SAVE and 2 to LOAD or whatever, well press C and the cheat will be enabled, it turns off all the BADDIES and lets you walk over slime or fall large distances.

  • H.E.R.O.2
    Use this one only if desperate, as with all cheats, this was here for my benefit to help test, its not supposed to be part of the game, and in certain circumstances will make it worse,
    The cheat turns OFF the baddies, gives you unlimited door cards and explosives and will let you simply go to an exit and leave,
    Jumping into slime while this cheat is active will put the whole game graphics out of sync, also as the cheat gives the game loop less to do, it will speed up, but the sound wont, so sound to graphics sync will also be out, So again, dont use the cheat unless desperate,
    On the main menu press C and a notice will say Cheat not found, Press it again, and again, 20 times, or more, but at least 20, it will still say Cheat Not Found, but it will actualy be activated if you pressed C 20 times..

    In the actual game you can press the SPACEBAR for a detailed menu that you can use to search for targets and goodies, gives you general updates of the game etc, well while you are in this screen you can PULL BACK on your joystick and press FIRE, You will then be presented with a hidden menu that gives you certain options, such as turning the ground cannons off, upping your fuel and ammo to well above the maximum and other goodies.

    In the game and while you are not currently holding a section of the puzzle, Press the key to the furthermost right of your keyboard, the ASTERIX * at the far upper right, this will complete that level for you and give you the points that would have been awarded for the time left, you can skip through every level with this, as apposed to having to play the same level every time you boot.

    On the high score table, move your Joystick LEFT then RIGHT then UP, But do it reasonably quick, Then in the actual game you will have access to the FKEYS pressing these will give you various things, some will give you current information, change colours or finish the level for you...beware this as with other cheats is not an actual feature of the game, this one slightly messes the screen up... use if desperate only..

    In the actual game you should very quickly press HELP HELP UNDO HELP, then when playing the game you already have the option to use the arrow keys to look around the play area, you would already know this if you had read the doc files..well after you have set the Cheat on, you can still use this to lok around, but this time you take the sprite with you, and on pressing SPACEBAR the sprite will land wherever you are, great for walking through walls etc.

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