"The H.E.R.0.FAQ"

About The Original H.E.R.O.

H.E.R.O. Commercial...What Happened.

Please Note....H.E.R.O.2 Will be totally FREE

Way back when this game was started by Bob Goodfellow and myself, there was a paper based magazine in production called ST HANDBOOK, An A3 size glossy magazine stocked by Public Domain Libraries and ran from early 1994 to the Summer of the same year, I got involved with the magazine after responding to a review of one of my titles that appeared in the very first issue, This was how I met the brains behind the whole Commercial idea Mr Victor Wright

Vic as we shall now call him, Decided to advertise for programmers to join his newly formed IDS software house, the idea being that Vic would sell your software commercially for you,
So Vic saw H.E.R.O. in its early stages and asked me if he could use it as the IDS Launch Game, I have to say that the thought of releasing a commercial game into the ATARI community was, well as you can imagine, the TOP target for any lowly programmer like myself, I got totally carried away with the whole idea that one day, I would have a commercial game ..programmed in my name hehehe, It would seem the Artist Bob Goodfellow had more or less the same thoughts,

So it started, and Vic promised us full page colour advertisements in the magazines, lots of previews and reviews and coverdisk appearences for the demo,
EVERYTHING Vic promised, he did, ATARI Review magazine ran a full page colour advert that I have framed and on the wall not 5 feet from where I am now, For a 6 to 9 month period you could not pick up a magazine without seeing the word H.E.R.O. or seeing at least a screen shot, it was amazing,
We agreed to make a special one level demo for ST Format magazine, unfortunatly we where given a deadline to work to for this, and the demo could have been a lot better, especialy the sound, but we were rushed into it, anyway it happened, we got everything that Victor Wright promised and it was a sad day when he lost his buisness and I lost contact with him, I really liked the Guy, his commitment to the ATARI scene is unquestionable as he lost everything trying to make it work,

One of his creditors, AWF pdl took IDS and all Copyright material as part payment for monies owed, Now I am aware that the owner of AWF and Victor were friends, perhaps thats why he gave them everything in payment of debts rather than anyone else,
AWF Public Domain library now had the rights to sell H.E.R.O., or should I say ANDREW FERN had it, All the advertising had been done, the coverdisk demo had been released, all ANDREW FERN had to do was sell it,

We had previously agreed to a three monthly pay out, The first, last and only payment we recieved from AWF gave Bob and myself 40 ukp, Six months of advertising and mentions in the mags, previews and demos, and we get 40 ukp and ANDREW FERN tells us it is not selling,
A couple of months later I phone him and he says that since the last payment he has only sold 4 copies, a couple of weeks later he says two, a classic case of a liar not having a good memory, after that phone call I never heard or saw anything from ANDREW FERN or AWF again, ANDREW FERN is a lying thieving git, and if he wants to take exception to me calling him that on thw WWW for everyone to see, then he can come and knock on my front door, I will be so pleased to see him.

As you can imagine,we eventualy released H.E.R.O. in a slightly cut down form as FREEWARE, To be honest the game was never good enough to be commercial in my humble opinion, but I got carried away with the concept, At the end of the day, no one can take away the fact that I have a Commercial release, Even if we wuz robbed in the process.

Who is Responsible for H.E.R.O.

Myself Tony Greenwood as the programmer and Bob Goodfellow as the Artist, that is how it was billed, But not quite how it was, The original Intro to H.E.R.O. was programmed by Bob, as was the Congratulations game Over program that loads if anyone ever finishes the game, Bob was also responsible for the Storyline Documentation and Most of the concept of H.E.R.O., Even the name is down to Bob, I can Honestly say that Bob Goodfellow knew a heck of a lot more about programming than me, but seemed to have no inclination to actualy program a game, I know this sounds daft, but it is true, So I programmed the actual game, while Bob did just about everything else

Victor Wright did all the advertising and was fully responsible for the massive amount of coverage given to the game in all the then available magazines, ST Format were a great help in there encouragment and very gracious on finding out that the game was written in STOS, well after the release

What do I need to Play H.E.R.O.

The Original game will work on a one meg machine up to and inlcluding TOS 1.62 but not TOS 206 or above,

The Original was on two disks, the freeware version on one, the New version will be at least three disks, if not Four, But will work from a Hard Drive, that is definate

The Nitty Gritty bit

The following TOS versions are the ones I am trying to support, but without testers, who knows,

The game will be written in STOS BASIC with the additional Missing Link and Misty Extensions, Compiled with the help of Anthony Jacques Compiler fixer without which I would not even bother trying a conversion